Michael C. Fina Recognition Delivers a Rewarding Customer Experience with Avaya

PRESS RELEASE: Avaya announced that Michael C. Fina Recognition has implemented Avaya Midmarket and Contact Center solutions to deliver a seamless, high quality experience for customers giving and receiving corporate incentives and recognition awards.

Contact Centre CLUB

Michael C. Fina Recognition, a $100 million-a-year business, manages recognition and reward programs for corporate customers in more than 150 countries. To provide customers with quality support and efficient service, and to maintain their reputation for stellar customer experiences, the company relies heavily on technology, which is why they chose the Avaya IP Office Platform and Avaya Contact Center Select with Avaya Agent Desktop.

The Avaya technology enables Michael C. Fina Recognition to create an employee recognition experience that appears as a seamless extension of their employer. With Avaya, the company has integrated contact center operations between their U.S./UK headquarters and other global locations into a single, virtual operation with multi-channel capabilities. Data generated in the contact center allows the company to deliver the optimal experience and ensure appropriate staffing levels meet the company’s standards for response times and call quality.

“Since we represent our clients’ brands, we need a lot of quality data about the recipients who contact us readily available to deliver an authentic experience. We need to know where they’re calling from, what program they’re in, the reason for the call, and what options we have to help. Avaya helps collect and pipe that information to our call center representatives across the globe, enabling us to deliver on our core values of personal service and attention to detail.” –Jeffrey Fina, chief customer officer for Michael C. Fina

“In the contact center, we manage multiple channels of communication with both our clients who are the managers of an organization, and also with the employees who are usually the end users of our programs. Avaya Contact Center Select has really let us take the multiple channels of communication that we have with our users and bring them into an agent experience that’s very simple, effective, and it allows the agent to interact with the caller and create a memorable experience for them.” –Michael A. Fina, chief operating officer for Michael C. Fina Recognition