MCI Acquisition Brings New Iowa Company, Gravis Apps, To National Political Software And Technology Scene

PRESS RELEASE: Anthony Marlowe via Marlowe Companies Inc. (MCI), the parent company to Mass Markets, the Iowa-based, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) call center, teleservices firm and Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) provider, announced that it has acquired 100% of Gravis Marketing’s hosted predictive dialer, IVR, native software, software-as-a-service, automated market research software, goodwill, intellectual property (IP), database management and processing toolbox, and third party verification (TPV) assets.

MCI acquired the entirety of intellectual property and goodwill from Gravis Marketing. Following the acquisition, the application and software suites will be renamed Gravis Apps to represent the expanding capabilities of the assets.

MCI developed the asset acquisition opportunity after seeking out the top political telemarketing software developer in North America. “The goal of Gravis Apps is to enable any company or organization to have enterprise level capabilities overnight,” Gravis Apps CEO, Anthony Marlowe, said. “The telemarketing software market is demanding major savings, on both a direct and private label/wholesale basis.”

Gravis Marketing’s polling and other services provided to its over 300 political dialer software clients will be exclusively powered by Gravis Apps™ while Gravis Marketing will retain its customer relationships.

“Gravis Apps’ largest customer, a domestic call center business process company, already leveraged the software to make 79 million advanced IVR calls for a successful candidate in the national election,” said Marlowe.

Gravis Apps will make its mark on the software industry by providing much needed platform solutions in the form of aggregated products and services for emerging market companies, the public sector and enterprises facing new challenges and opportunities stemming from technological advancements, changing customer expectations, increased security and privacy concerns, new regulations and compliance requirements along with evolving economic conditions domestically and globally.

Per Marlowe, “Many American commercial companies and political campaigns utilize a similar software. Unfortunately, many are ineffective, not precise, not scalable, materially overpriced and incompetently managed.” Gravis Apps, on the other hand, emphasizes cost reductions while delivering high-quality, best-in-class hosted voice broadcast and predictive dialing services. It provides any organization with enterprise capabilities and infrastructure overnight.