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How to make web chat work for your contact centre

puzzel logoThe Web Chat promise delivers in so many ways. It guarantees a seamless digital experience, offering near real-time communication in a highly personalised way. It may come as no surprise therefore that web chat is one of the most popular channels for customer interaction used by 39 percent of UK customer service organisations.[i] Continue reading How to make web chat work for your contact centre

Striking the balance – digital versus human

By Graham Ede, Yonder Digital Group... Enterprise technology, in particular that which underpins multi-channel commerce and digital communications, has transformed business efficiency and capabilities over the last decade. As a consequence, senior management often views technology as the silver bullet to an organisation’s success and seeks to push the boundaries towards ‘full automation’ – which in reality does not fit every business process. Continue reading Striking the balance – digital versus human

Improving Customer Experience through Technology

The use of digital technology has exploded in the past decade and the rate of change is increasing. Where would we be now without our smartphone, tablet or wearable technology? Our lives are conducted through the internet and our connections are increasingly virtual. We need only look at the panic and frustration that accompanies a loss of wifi or phone signal to realise how dependant we are on technology that didn’t even exist only a few years ago. Continue reading Improving Customer Experience through Technology

Could Social Media Have Prevented the 2008 Financial Crisis?

GUEST POST: In 2017 the vast majority of people use social media in one form or another. Companies are increasingly using what we post and who were are connected to in order to make a whole host of decisions about us. For many this seems like a scary thought, but could it actually be something that could have more far reaching benefits than at first sight? David Turner, UK CEO of leading global customer experience expert, Webhelp, explores this issue. Continue reading Could Social Media Have Prevented the 2008 Financial Crisis?

The GDPR Countdown

Guest Post by Andrew Ford, Red Box Recorders CMO… With just over 12 months to go until the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directive, contact centres across Europe must consider how these far-reaching changes will affect how they handle and protect the data collected from customer communications. The legislation covers all areas of consumer data and includes new penalties for those failing to comply, meaning financial implications for businesses along with operational considerations. Continue reading The GDPR Countdown