IPsoft launches interactive AI demonstration lab, Amelia City, and Amelia Marketplace

IPsoft, the leader in Enterprise AI announced the launch of Amelia City, an interactive, artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory that will showcase the evolution of AI together with the industry’s first available marketplace for off-the-shelf AI solutions specifically designed for the banking, telecom, hospitality, insurance and healthcare industries, among others.

Amelia is the world’s most human AI platform, able to relay empathy as well as transform entire processes at scale, from intelligent front office conversations to back office execution. With Amelia’s extensive experience and established track record of proven return on investments by many Fortune 500 companies, Amelia Marketplace is the first of its kind forum for procuring state-of-the-art AI solutions for any business or government organisation.

All Amelia Marketplace solutions can be experienced at the Amelia City Lab, which spans the entire 20th floor at IPsoft’s headquarters located in downtown New York. Amelia City will demonstrate how Amelia, through automation, cognitive and emotional intelligence, and true machine learning, is benefiting enterprises and consumers alike. Guests will be able to interact with Amelia and experience how she as a digital colleague helps transform businesses.

“We are proud to launch the first marketplace for advanced AI-solutions and with that, the opening of Amelia City,” said Chetan Dube, chief executive officer, IPsoft. “We have developed an amazing setting for people to experience artificial intelligence and see for themselves how it will be contributing to and changing business operations as well as how consumers will interact with technology. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway, and Amelia is leading the charge. Amelia City will show everyone how.”

Amelia Marketplace has industry specific roles for banking, insurance and healthcare as well as functional cross-industry roles for IT, Finance and HR. Amelia is pretrained to fulfil roles, like a real digital colleague. Amelia will get herself installed, customised to the client’s online look and feel, and is trained in a selected role. She can handle full processes like making payments or doing an insurance quote, end-to-end. More information can be found on Amelia’s ability to deliver return-on-investment (ROI) at scale and how she learns specific industry roles at the Amelia Marketplace.

Members of the media who wish to tour Amelia City and experience how artificial intelligence done properly will be changing how people interact with businesses and each other, may request an appointment by contacting ipsoftuk@teamlewis.com.