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Calabrio, the customer experience intelligence company, enriches human interactions with its analytics-driven workforce engagement management (WEM) suite. In 2019, Calabrio acquired Workforce Management (WFM) vendor Teleopti combining the best of both Teleopti WFM and Calabrio WFM into a single, industry-leading WFM solution with robust flexibility, extensive employee-engagement capabilities and powerful reporting, fully integrated within the Calabrio ONE suite. The new Calabrio ONE empowers agents and management alike with a smarter approach.

Through AI-driven analytics, Calabrio uncovers important customer behaviour, sentiment and reveals vital insights from contact centres worldwide. Organisations choose Calabrio for its ability to understand customer and employee needs and the overall experience provided by the team, from implementation to ongoing support.

Calabrio believes that by engaging employees and delivering powerful customer experience organisations can drive digital transformation, loyalty and profitability. Calabrio ONE is cloud-first, mobile-ready and agent-friendly, to release the potential of an organisation and its people.

Calabrio ONE the fully integrated Workforce Engagement (WEM) solution includes:

Call recording – records every call, every time to transform customer interactions into highly usable data. It captures 100% of interactions and simplifies compliance. Robust metadata lets supervisors quickly search hundreds of hours of calls to prove adherence, settle disputes and mitigate risk. Effective call recording connects the voice of the customer with key goals across the business

Advanced reporting - intuitive, cross-platform reporting tools help contact centre leaders tune out the noise and hone in on the insights they need to meet contact centre goals and drive business value. It takes contact centre reporting to the next level with pre-built integrations that blend data from inside and outside of the contact centre - to deliver value across the business in real time

Quality Management - customisable quality evaluations equip supervisors with the tools they need to strengthen employee engagement and drive measurable impact across the business. It automates recording, evaluation and reporting so supervisors can spend more time coaching and leading. Dashboards create timely feedback loops to engage and motivate agents

Workforce Management - Calabrio WFM is designed for the modern contact centre and the modern workforce. It enables organisations to plan and manage their operations through advanced forecasting, dynamic scheduling and intelligent automation, while also providing the tools and technology to empower, educate and lead today’s increasingly distributed teams

Analytics - Calabrio is the only WFO vendor that combines speech, desktop and text analytics in one robust solution. It unlocks the goldmine of intelligence buried in the contact centre, transforming every customer interaction into usable data and then distil that data into key trends. Managers can extract valuable insights to drive profitable change in the contact centre and across the business.

Calabrio unlocks insights with integrated intelligence

The world of remote work requires more intelligence than ever. Calabrio ONE empowers every user, from the C-Suite to contact centre agent, to gain valuable insights and make unique KPIs more accessible, more relevant and more usable.

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