Conversocial Announces Major Platform Enhancements, Enabling Brands to Conduct Social Messaging at Scale, Increase Customer Satisfaction & Drive Brand Loyalty

Conversocial, the leading social customer engagement platform unveils the next-generation in social customer care with new workflow, intelligence and insight capabilities. The new features enable support teams at enterprise brands to respond faster, work smarter and drive more measurable results.

This launch – which includes an industry-first capability to survey CSAT and NPS via Facebook Messenger – is indicative of Conversocial’s innovative approach to customer engagement, facilitating the shift towards personalized, convenient social messaging, and driving the broader adoption of social customer service.

Insights and analytics around social customer care has been a key challenge for brands that have made social a major component of their customer service ecosystem. CRM platforms and social suites tend to not deliver the actionable insights required by global, distributed customer care operations, especially as it relates to social messaging. As more and more brands scale up their ability to be responsive and helpful to customers using social messaging, they need sophisticated noise reduction, automation, prioritization, routing and reporting capabilities that only specialized solutions like Conversocial can provide.

“Social engagement has matured to the level where it needs to be treated with the same gravity as other care channels like voice, email, and chat, while simultaneously harnessing the nuances of social messaging that makes these channels so unique,” says Joshua March, CEO and Founder of Conversocial. “Enabling businesses to deliver in-the-moment, effortless customer care on social requires an enterprise-ready partner, and our latest set of product enhancements are purpose-built to enable customer care teams to deliver an incredible customer experience with scale and efficiency over social messaging channels.”

As part of its latest platform enhancements, Conversocial has expanded capabilities across four key areas that are crucial to messaging-centric social customer care teams:

1. Workflow: Prioritize, engage & track issue resolution with robust case management capabilities built for the nuances of social messaging.

Case management features allow customers to leverage the power of Conversocial Conversations™, a proprietary method for unifying public and private messaging threads, within the familiar context of customer support cases. Care agents can “close” conversations with consumers as issues are resolved, providing contact center managers with apple-to-apple comparisons of case resolution performance between social channels and compare social alongside other support channels.

2. Intelligence: Automate interactions & seamlessly route customers to the best solution.

Conversocial has announced support for messaging-based “Visual IVR”, a feature allowing brands to set up multiple options that are presented to a consumer automatically within Twitter DM or Facebook Messenger dialogs. These options help the consumer access help content or agents faster by allowing brands to direct consumers to the right agent or redirect the consumer to relevant self-service content.

Additional automation enhancements include the ability to create and integrate messenger bot’s into social customer support channels, allowing for even more efficient and personalized handling of inbound support requests via social messaging platforms.

3. Insights: Measure the strength of your customer relationships and take action to improve the customer experience.

An industry first, brands can now survey CSAT and NPS via Facebook Messenger. Conversocial has launched a full suite of features to conduct CSAT and NPS surveys within social messaging threads across both Twitter and Messenger. New, robust CSAT and NPS reporting dashboards are now available, providing brands with both quantitative and qualitative insights around customer satisfaction and net promoter scores.

“With Conversocial, customers are seeing a 3X response rate to CSAT and NPS surveys in social messaging compared to email, so brands are now able to gauge customer satisfaction and brand loyalty more accurately.” – Conversocial Platform Data

In addition, Conversocial’s new Agent Dashboard provides contact center managers with unprecedented insights and reporting around agent effectiveness. These include visibility into issues that need escalation, instant utilization information for social care teams in the moment, over a shift, overnight or over a weekend, as well as efficiency comparisons across every social network the agents communicate through.

4. Integration: Incorporate social care data to an organization’s existing CRM to create a 360° view of customers.

Conversocial’s API allows for streamlined customer interactions, virtually eliminating fragmented customer experiences that in the past have forced contact center agents to be less efficient, and demand that customers jump between channels. Today’s digital support teams can now benefit from tight integration between best-of-breed social messaging for customer care via Conversocial and existing CRM platforms like Oracle, Siebel, Pegasys and others.