Tunstall and noHold Collaborate to Create a Virtual Assistant for Smart Hub™

noHold is excited to announce Tunstall as a new Albert customer. Tunstall is leveraging noHold’s Artificial Intelligence as a way for customers to find answers to the questions they have about their newly launched product called Smart Hub.

Tunstall, an international company that offers a range of Connected Care and Connected Health solutions, recently launched their Smart Hub product in Australia and is currently undergoing trials in Europe and the USA. The Smart Hub is Tunstall’s latest IP home unit, opening a new world of possibilities for the provision of care in the home. Using cellular technology and working on the 2/3G mobile network with a roaming SIM, the Smart Hub doesn’t require a landline, removing limitations on location.

Tunstall was in search of a way to continue to provide world class support to their growing audience and at the same time learn about the voice of their customers. That is where noHold’s AI Platform, SICURA™ QuickStart comes in. With noHold’s platform, Tunstall is able to use existing documents to easily train their own bot (Albert). Creating Albert requires no programming, and it can be deployed on multiple channels in minutes. Using Albert, Tunstall is able to deliver its customers with 24/7 access to product knowledge and support, regardless of the time zone.

“With the upcoming launch of Smart Hub and our Device Management Platform, we needed a way to communicate with our customers and guide them through the new IP set-up process. Working with noHold we were able to easily create our own bot and quickly gain feedback using the insights from the dashboard,” said Matthew Henfrey, Group Product Marketing Executive – Telecare, Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd.

Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold adds, “Tunstall has created a world class product, and it deserves a world class support AI platform that can grow with its business. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and we are looking forward to future projects.”

To start creating your own bot, sign up for an Albert account at www.albertai.com.