MOBILITY MEA pipeline will deliver $40 million of new VoiceSage revenue in the Middle East over the next five years

VoiceSage, the customer engagement services leader, has announced projected sales worth over $40 million over the next five years from its new strategic alliance with Mobility MEA, a leading enterprise and carrier mobility specialist in the Middle East & Africa region and GEMA licensee for the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.

Mobility MEA, previously branded GEMA MEA, foresees extensive opportunities for VoiceSage’s cloud-based automated mobile communication and mobile payment solutions across the Middle East. These are expected to span a range of vertical sectors including financial services, telecoms, retail, education and government, as organisations in the region look for more efficient ways to routinely interact and complete transactions with customers.

“Early tests of the market have confirmed what we believed – that there is huge demand for the extremely transformative yet cost-effective customer contact solutions VoiceSage is offering versus traditional call centers,” Mobility MEA CEO Zoff Khan, said. “Our initial volumes of 10,000 multi-channel messages a month quickly grew to over 100,000 in October. We forecast VoiceSage traffic growing to 2 million messages before the end of 2017 as existing customers ramp up and new ones come on board.”

Leading Telecoms & IT group KGT, one of the early VoiceSage customers in the UAE, signed up in the summer of 2017. KGT manages sales operations for UAE telecom carriers with several hundred strong field sales force and is using the automated messaging software to make more effective sales calls to customers and establish their interest in new bundled telecoms packages. KGT is also using VoiceSage cloud messaging in the gaming side of its business. Here, messages are being sent out to encourage app take-up, and launch of new games for PlayStation and Xbox platforms across the Middle East and North Africa regions.

Mr Khan said a major bank is in the process of being onboarded that will be using VoiceSage solutions, initially for 1M+ customer reminder messages per month, then to enable customers to complete transactions using VoiceSage’s secure one-touch Smart-Pay facility.

Other customers signed to use VoiceSage customer messaging solutions include a major hypermarket brand in the Middle East which expects customer messaging volumes of up to 3 million a month; a large marketing group which handles up to 40 of the world’s best-known brands; and a private schools group interested in using VoiceSage to engage with parents on payment simplification across many markets.

Mobility MEA is also planning the growth of VoiceSage sales across further markets through the use of its growing reseller network. It is this growing diversification and strategic business expansion through partners that has prompted Mobility MEA to rebrand. Although the company will continue to operate as a GEMA licensee in the UAE, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, adopting a more generic name – Mobility MEA – will allow for branding continuity across resellers’ promotions.

Mr Khan has also been spreading the word about VoiceSage to international peers through the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA). “Other GEMA licensees are interested in working with VoiceSage too. We’ve shared our positive experiences and recommended VoiceSage, providing insights from our own sales pipeline and vertical market experience.”

The most significant new VoiceSage partner, Bmobile, GEMA licensee in Mexico, is part of Grupo Scanda a regional leader in South America, with annual revenues of more than $100 million, 1700 employees and offices in Mexico City and Bogota Colombia to cover the Central America and South America regions. Bmobile CEO, Jorge Mandujano said, “We are super excited about the recent new partnership with VoiceSage and the potential of offering these innovative, new omni-channel services to our established customer base in the Central and South America region.”

Of the partnership with VoiceSage and his expectations for the strategic alliance, Mr Khan concluded, “We see tremendous growth opportunities with VoiceSage through our direct engagements and international channel partners, targeting $40 million in sales over the next five years. The quality, reputation and relevance of VoiceSage’s products, the calibre and responsiveness of the team, and the great cultural, technological and sales fit between our two companies, bode extremely well for a high-impact partnership.

In many ways, we have Enterprise Ireland to thank for making this partnership happen, Mr Khan adds. It was at the GITEX technology week where Enterprise Ireland was exhibiting that we first met the VoiceSage CEO and our partnership has gone from strength to strength ever since.”

Commenting on the impressive early momentum Mobility MEA has generated, VoiceSage CEO James J Kett said, “Together we have tapped into a seriously large market opportunity, and in the process found a real meeting of minds. This deal highlights the scale of the international opportunity that VoiceSage now has.” JJ continues, “Mobility MEA appreciates exactly what we’re offering, and the potential across a range of routine, high-volume scenarios. We couldn’t have asked for this partnership to get off to a stronger start, and we are looking forward to both building out the potential with Mobility MEA and also with their alliance partners across the globe.”