Qualtrics’ Advanced Text Analytics Powers Winning Customer Experience Advantage for Companies

Qualtrics, the leader in research and experience management, announced enhancements to its Qualtrics Text iQ™, a powerful text analytics engine that leverages the power of machine learning and predictive intelligence to help companies gain insights from their unstructured data.

Qualtrics Text iQ utilizes machine learning and natural language processing to uncover sentiment analysis and automatically suggest trends and key topics that emerge from the text, identifying problems and opportunities hidden in mountains of feedback across a company. Text iQ can analyze data at any scale and deliver actionable information from all channels of customer feedback, including social media reviews, website feedback, call center notes, surveys, etc.

Text iQ provides automated text translations for over 100 languages, allowing text responses to be translated into one or more target languages for analysis, while still preserving the comment in the original language. Native-language analysis is currently supported in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Additionally, Text iQ automatically updates reports and role-based dashboards for frontline employees, enabling real-time insight from verbatim comments that are relevant to that employee’s job area. The easy-to-use interface does not require technical expertise, so any member of the team can find problems before they become trends and see key levers to unlock customer experience issues.

“Qualtrics Text iQ lets us quickly and easily access our enormous amount of unstructured data to find key drivers that drastically improve our customer experience,” said Jason Averitt, Customer Experience Manager at Allegion. “Our team members don’t have to be computer scientists or data experts to use the platform or understand the results. Without Text iQ to help us make sense of our mountains of open feedback, we would absolutely miss opportunities to improve our customer experience.”

Along with Text iQ, core components of the Qualtrics iQ platform are Driver iQ™ and Stats iQ™. Combined, the three components eliminate time-consuming manual data processes, perform complex statistical analysis and identify key drivers deep in data.

  • Qualtrics Driver iQ automatically analyzes experience data to prioritize key drivers and predict the actions that will drive the most business impact.
  • Qualtrics Stats iQ enables everyone, from beginners to expert analysts, to uncover meaning in data, identify emerging trends, and produce predictive models.

Qualtrics iQ is available now as part of the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform.