NICE Partners with Convexus to Expand Investment in Latin American Market

NICE announced a strategic partnership with Convexus SAC, a Peru-based company providing telecommunications and networking solutions for major brands across sectors. With this agreement, Convexus and NICE are bringing next generation next generation technologies to the rapidly expanding Peruvian market, including Interaction Analytics, Workforce Optimization (WFO), Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The partnership will allow NICE to significantly expand its activity in Peru, while helping Convexus grow its presence in specific industries such as contact centers and trading floors, where NICE has extensive experience as a leader in the field.

To ensure the success of the joint collaboration, NICE is providing local support, consultative sales guidance and integration capabilities for its portfolio of advanced applications, including:

NICE Interaction Analytics: Transforming valuable data collected from multichannel interactions with customers into business benefits, both in real time and across enterprise processes, enhancing the customer experience.

NICE WFO: Optimizing workforce planning, management, and engagement with adaptive analytics, empowering both agents and management to achieve superior performance.

NICE RPA: Reducing back office operational expenses through easily scalable work process automation, significantly increasing productivity, accuracy and employee satisfaction.

NICE Proactive Compliance for Trading Floors: Enabling financial institutions to monitor and investigate business interactions, ensuring accurate audits and identification of risks or regulatory violations, on a day-to-day basis.

NICE Communication Surveillance: For complete control over trading floor communications and proactively detecting breaches of compliance rules or fraud, with automatic alerts and multichannel reconstructions.

Yaron Hertz, president of NICE Americas: “We’re honored to announce this partnership with Convexus, a Peruvian corporate success story, which enables new strategic joint projects that can help reinvent customer service across the local market. Peru is a growing economy and our partnership with Convexus is a key factor in expanding our investment in Latin America going forward.”

Juan Neyra, Commercial Director for Convexus in Peru: “As NICE is globally recognized for its advanced solutions, we believe that our partnership is well positioned to rapidly meet a growing demand among Peruvian businesses for better analytics and strategic insights. The expansion of our differentiated and innovative services will enable both Convexus and NICE to grow jointly, as we generate remarkable results for our clients across all sectors.”