InMoment Supercharges Its Leading CX Platform with Yelp Knowledge, Fueling the Future of Feedback

In a time when superior customer experience (CX) has become the primary differentiation for local businesses, brands have struggled to tighten the loop from local customer feedback, to insights, to the kind of broad action that’s critical to improving customer experience. Not anymore.

InMoment, a leading provider of CX and Voice of the Customer technology (VoC), is partnering with Yelp to empower brands to authentically improve the customer experience through deep learning from vast amounts of rich customer feedback. InMoment’s machine-powered platform is uniquely able to find meaning inside sources like Yelp’s 140 million real-world, cross-industry reviews. These reviews hold context for what drives amazing local experiences.

The unique approach from InMoment forgoes the need to pursue traditional CX techniques like market research and long-form surveys, techniques that consumers are increasingly rejecting, and businesses are deeming too slow and expensive for today’s pace of business.

“The future of feedback isn’t asking your customers more and more structured questions, it’s about gaining understanding directly from their own words,” said InMoment CEO Andrew Joiner. “Yelp has proven that its community can utilize unsolicited feedback to find amazing local experiences across a wide range of industries. InMoment is applying its CX platform to bring unique intelligence to this feedback at scale, allowing businesses to learn what is fundamentally driving superior experiences and guide their organizations accordingly.”

In their Reputation at Risk study, Deloitte found that 41 percent of companies that experienced a negative reputation event reported a loss of both revenue and brand value. Increasingly, online review forums like Yelp have become the place where brand reputations are made and broken, one location at a time.

Unfortunately, many companies turn to reputation management vendors for temporary, cosmetic fixes instead of heeding the voices of their customers and making the kind of root cause changes that lead to authentic and positive advances in both the customer experience, and their online reputations.

“Online reputation is more important than ever, but too many businesses try to manipulate the natural flow of reviews instead of simply listening to their customers and making changes that lead to great experiences,” said Chad Richard, Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at Yelp. “InMoment’s powerful technology helps brands earn great reputations by giving them intelligence on what customers love and what they can improve.”

InMoment’s technology works across language and industry, allowing businesses to understand key moments, whether in text comments, behavioral data, photos and video. The benefits of this offering are immediate to all InMoment customers seamlessly in the InMoment CX cloud.