Frost & Sullivan Recognizes ZaiLab’s Visionary Leadership for Its Enterprise Software Solutions

Based on its recent analysis of the enterprise software market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes ZaiLab with its 2017 Sub-Saharan African Visionary Innovation Leadership Award. Launched in 2014, ZaiLab is a visionary software development company in the contact center (CC) industry.

The company was the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Visionary Innovation Leadership Award recipient for the enterprise software solution market and continues to impress with its visionary insight on solutions that positively impact the market.

ZaiLab continues to develop innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) CC solutions to enable an omnichannel experience through voice calls, emails, short-message-services, and video calling while using over-the-top applications. Most notably, ZaiLab embeds its platform with machine-learning algorithms to ensure an exceptional experience for both the CC agent and the consumer—the result is Zai, the heart of ZaiLab’s newest innovation. Zai enables call routing and collects preliminary information about the caller to calculate compatibility between the customer and the agent to ensure a positive client experience. The platform furnishes the agent with the customer’s information, along with details of previous interactions. Having previous conversations readily available ensures consistency and prepares the agent to assist and engage the customer with a personal touch.

“ZaiLab differentiates itself from its competitors by using technology to promote a change in organizational psychology and behavior,” states Frost & Sullivan’s Research Analyst, George Etheredge. “ZaiLab empowers agents, a key element in tailoring customer satisfaction.”

ZaiLab continues to introduce new features as its software architecture evolves, including the following:

  • Ability to support outbound calls: Companies can upload leads, which are then pushed to the most appropriate agent to make the calls.
  • Targeted marketing campaign: Customers and agents can provide feedback on the conversation to assess if it was a rewarding experience for both parties.
  • Peak call prediction: The platform empowers CC administrators with a workforce management model that uses a statistical algorithm to predict peak call times as well as the number of agents needed for different shifts.

“ZaiLab is agile and innovative due in part to its cross-functional teams,” continues Etheredge. “While most businesses believe digital transformation is only about using technology, ZaiLab aligns organizational culture, operational processes, and innovative technology development to provide a strong CC platform solution that offers exceptional customer value through a lower total cost of ownership, flexibility, and ease-of-access.”

ZaiLab offers easy set-up—avoiding the process of multiple consultations with vendors. Its software platform is available online, with set up instructions and access to a trial account that is ready for use in five minutes.

Frost & Sullivan’s independent analysis shows that ZaiLab is a visionary company poised to make a mark in the CC industry. ZaiLab’s platform brings value for all stakeholders, including the organization, agents, and customers, by routing calls to the agent best suited to the task. The company’s platform design empowers the agent while providing value for organizations that want to maintain or build brand equity and for its customers that want a pleasant experience. With its continued strong overall performance, ZaiLab earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Sub-Saharan African Visionary Innovation Leadership Award in the enterprise software solutions market.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that develops an innovative element in a product by leveraging leading-edge technologies. The award recognizes the value-added features/benefits of the product and the increased return on investment it provides customers, which in turn raises customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.