Cyara Empowers Contact Centres to Deliver Personalized Customer Journeys

With its latest update, Cyara is taking aim at one of the biggest customer-service frustrations: the loss of data when customers move from self-service to agent-assisted service, or from one channel to another. To earn customer loyalty and satisfaction, leading global enterprises know they must deliver consistent and personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints and at each step of their customer’s journey.

In fact, 80 percent of enterprises expect to connect most or all of their customer channels within two years. [1]

Cyara now enables brands to more easily and efficiently test those connected experiences. Cyara 7.3, which debuts today, includes updated omnichannel capabilities for automating the testing of journeys that span and hop channels, and include both self-service and agent-based experience components — all managed and reported within a unified interface.

“Today’s consumers interact with brands in multiple ways and they expect a seamless experience across channels, whether they are engaging with a self-service application or with an agent,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO and co-founder, Cyara. “With the functionality we’re announcing today, customer-service operations can meet those high expectations, confident that they’re delivering outstanding customer experiences.”

Single View of Customer Journeys Across Channels, Spanning Self-Service and Agent-Assisted Service

The 7.3 release strengthens Cyara’s omnichannel functionality, providing visibility into the fidelity of customer journeys across channels, including voice, web, chat, chatbot, email, and SMS. Not only does the solution provide testing and monitoring of each channel, but it now provides an integrated view across customer experiences. For example, in an omnichannel validation, a customer journey designer can test journeys in which the customer dials in to reset their password, and the customer receives a one-time private URL via SMS that provide a web link for the password reset.

Previously, self-service and agent-assisted interactions had to be tested separately. Now, Cyara provides detailed insights into the performance of the IVR (interactive voice response) system, call routing, data passing to an agent — all in a single view.

With this new feature, Cyara clients can also ensure that information provided by the customer during a self-service session is correctly preserved during transfer to an agent, eliminating the common frustration of having to repeat steps or re-submit information.

New Persona-Based Testing

The platform now supports persona-based testing, so Cyara clients can more easily test the personalized experiences of different customer segments. Customer journey designers and QA teams can verify customer experiences that vary across different customer personas based on attributes such as status (Platinum, Gold, Silver) or product line (auto insurance vs. life insurance), routing those customers in a logical way and presenting them with appropriate customer service information and interactions.

Cyara’s persona-based testing uses centralized definitions of data sets with large amounts of test data that can be exercised across different types of tests — broadening and deepening the CX testing process to ensure higher levels of quality for today’s complex and dynamic IVRs and websites.

Flexible Alerting and Automated Troubleshooting

Additional updates to the CX assurance platform enable data sharing and time savings.

Now, CX data can be shared with more third-party applications for centralized monitoring and integration with other critical enterprise systems:

  • Monitoring alerts can be sent to web-based communications systems, such as Slack.
  • In-depth reporting data can be fed into custom or third-party dashboards.
  • CX incident alerts can auto-populate CX incident management systems such as ServiceNow.

Another time-saving feature introduced today further automates CX troubleshooting by enabling clients to trigger and run a new test case based on the failure of another test case. This way, CX technicians can confirm the validity of a failure, determine if the source of an issue is the network carrier or an internal issue, and isolate the root cause of a failure.

The Cyara CX Assurance Platform

The award-winning Cyara CX Assurance Platform helps companies accelerate CX development, increase quality across all digital and voice channels, and assure the quality of customer journeys end-to-end. Cyara Velocity’s automation and collaborative environment helps organizations rapidly innovate their CX. Cyara Cruncher then puts CX systems through extensive performance and load-testing, ensuring systems work at scale. Finally, Cyara Pulse delivers real-time CX insights via desktop or mobile phone, enabling customers to identify and troubleshoot problems around the world. Cyara’s customers include leading brands across a variety of consumer and business segments including technology, insurance, finance, travel, and retail.

About Cyara

As the world’s leading CX Assurance platform provider, Cyara accelerates the delivery of flawless customer journeys across digital and voice channels while reducing the risk of customer-facing defects. Every day, the most recognizable brands around the world trust the Cyara Platform to deliver customer smiles at scale. For more information, please visit

[1] 2017 Global CX Benchmarking Report, Dimension Data