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Q&A with Renaud Visage, co-founder and CTO of Eventbrite

Renaud Visage, co-founder and CTO of Eventbrite

Q&A: If founding a business if difficult, achieving growth and scaling a new company correctly is a brick wall many entrepreneurs end up running into head first, ground-breaking and/or paradigm shifting idea wedged under their arm. So how do you protect your company from failure and project it into the global stratosphere? Ahead his keynote at TFM 2016, Eventbrite Co-Founder and CTO Renaud Visage shares how his company went from identifying a gap in the market to filling it, and gives advice on starting a company and surrounding yourself with the right people to help it succeed. Continue reading Q&A with Renaud Visage, co-founder and CTO of Eventbrite

Q&A with William Durr of Verint

Question: The WFM team here is investigating whether an outbound forecasting and scheduling tool might be suitable for our 250 seat outbound telemarketing operation. The people who run this operation seem to get by on spreadsheets and gut feelings, some have been in outbound telemarketing for decades. Our research seems to suggest that we, the forecasters, need to input some important metrics before good scheduling results can be realized. What’s the scoop? Continue reading Q&A with William Durr of Verint

Q&A with William Durr of Verint

Question: We have a smaller contact centre with about 30 agents. Each agent can handle the various call types we receive, so skills are not an issue for us. We have established a goal of answering 80% of the calls within 20 seconds and are mostly meeting this goal on a daily basis. Our problem is the General Manager isn’t happy with our occupancy metric. It hovers in the upper 70’s. The GM would like to see the staff working a bit harder than that. What do we do? Continue reading Q&A with William Durr of Verint

Q&A with William Durr of Verint

Question: I’ve been in the industry for many years and I’ve seen how customer self-service has evolved. Sure, there are still many frustrating examples of poorly done self-service attempts but overall it seems to be getting better and better in terms of functionality as well as growing acceptance by customers. My question is: How good can customer self-service get? Say by 2020? Continue reading Q&A with William Durr of Verint

Q&A with William Durr of Verint

Question: We have a 350 seat contact centre that operates 24 by 7. We also have several lines of business and a few tiers within some of those lines; so we have multi-skilled agents. It can take four weeks of initial training to get a person up to speed on the basics in one line of business. When they demonstrate mastery of that skill, we provide training that enables them to move up the tiers or add new lines of business. We are achieving our goals but attrition is a continuing problem. We are trying to lay out a 5-year plan. What changes do you see coming that could affect contact centre operations in unanticipated ways? Continue reading Q&A with William Durr of Verint

Verint Q&A – No. 15

Verint LogoQuestion: We’ve been investigating contact recording, quality monitoring and speech analytics. The team is quite impressed with the capabilities provided by the various vendors. A few of the vendors claim to be able to spot problems by analysing the customer’s and agent’s conversation in real-time. Having identified various sorts of problems, the system sends a notification according to rules so that either automatic guidance is provided on their screen or by someone joining the conversation. This is intriguing. Is it real? Continue reading Verint Q&A – No. 15

Verint Q&A – No. 14

Verint LogoQuestion: I manage a fairly large contact centre and the company agrees with me that much of the technology in our shop needs an upgrade. The last time we made major investments in our technology the prevailing guideline was to select the best-in-breed solutions for workforce management, quality monitoring and reporting. After some discovery I find that many vendors now talk about their workforce optimisation suites and claim them as being a much better solution than integrating various best-in-breed solutions. Has contact centre software really changed that much? Continue reading Verint Q&A – No. 14

Verint Q&A – No. 11

Verint LogoQuestion: The executives here have decided that they want our company to dramatically improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. At a high level we can either invest in voice of the customer technologies or we can invest in tools that help us develop our employees’ skill and knowledge. I don’t think there is some middle ground compromise between the two, as the budget only goes so far. Happy to hear your thoughts.

Continue reading Verint Q&A – No. 11