Salesforce Introduces the Quip Collaboration Platform

Salesforce announced the Quip Collaboration Platform, enabling teams to collaborate faster and more interactively in one live document. Now featuring Live Apps, applications embedded into Quip with real-time data, all relevant content for any project can be gathered on a single canvas. Salesforce has developed Live Apps for Salesforce records, calendars, kanban boards and more, and partner-built Live Apps are being developed by DocuSign, Lucidchart, New Relic and more.

In addition, Quip is introducing Workflow Templates, pre-built Quip documents and spreadsheets for specific industries, projects and functions that enable teams to work together, faster.

“Our Quip Collaboration Platform is the first to bring communication, docs, spreadsheets and now real-time, live application information together in a single canvas,” said Bret Taylor, co-founder & CEO, Quip. “This is the future of team collaboration—the results are immediate and teams can be more nimble and productive without using email or switching between dozens of apps and looking for lost files.”

Introducing the Quip Collaboration Platform

Built for the mobile, modern workforce, the Quip Collaboration Platform includes:

Live Apps—Interactive custom-built applications that can be embedded directly into any Quip document. Live Apps bring all relevant content for any project into a centralized document, removing the need to toggle between multiple windows and apps to get work done. With Live Apps, teams are empowered to add features including Salesforce records, kanban boards, partner-built apps and more to any Quip live document, with a single click. Live Apps from Salesforce introduced today include:

Calendar (@calendar)—Key for marketing and event planning, the new Calendar Live App enables teams to quickly and easily visualize, comment, track and collaborate on product launches or events to create deep alignment.

Salesforce Record (@salesforce record)—With the Salesforce Record Live App, teams can view, edit and update Salesforce records from right within Quip.

Kanban Board (@kanban)—Great for project management across industries, kanban boards enable users to visualize and optimize workflow. With the Kanban Board Live App, teams—especially engineering, manufacturing and sales—can stay organized with interactive cards, columns and color-coding. Users can simply drag and drop cards between columns to organize team work and keep projects moving forward.

Live Apps API—Customers, developers and partners can build their own custom Live Apps on the Quip Collaboration Platform. Partner Live Apps that are already being developed include:

Atlassian (@jira)—Teams can view edit and update agile software development tool, Jira, directly within any Quip document, ensuring that conversations are always happening at the right time.

DocuSign (@docusign)—Enables users to easily add signature fields and view a transaction status without ever leaving Quip, keeping processes moving from a draft agreement to a fully-executed contract in minutes.

Lucidchart (@diagram)—Embed Lucidchart diagrams and documents directly into Quip, delivering fast, clear and visual collaboration.

New Relic (@new relic)—Delivers real-time performance metrics and analytics about web and mobile apps directly within Quip, enabling software teams to collaborate on the customer experience, code, infrastructure and more.

Workflow Templates—Pre-built Quip documents and spreadsheets for specific industries, projects and team functions, that enable teams to work together, faster. Each Workflow Template contains the layout and Live Apps best suited for a task or project, such as developing a product roadmap, preparing for a new product launch, mapping out sales territories and more. Templates in development include a Territory Planning Workflow Template for sales managers, a Launch Plan Workflow Template for marketing teams and a Product Roadmap Workflow Template for product managers.

In addition, Salesforce also introduced Salesforce Files Connect for Quip—furthering integration between Salesforce and Quip. Now, live Quip documents and spreadsheets are natively integrated into Salesforce, enabling users to attach Quip documents to Chatter feeds, groups, or business records—ensuring everything in Quip is always accessible in Salesforce.

Pricing and Availability

Live Apps are generally available today. Calendar and Kanban Board are available with any Quip Business license, for $10 per user, per month or Quip Enterprise license, for $25 per user, per month. The Salesforce Record Live App is available with any Quip Enterprise license, for $25 per user, per month.

The Live Apps API is currently in beta. To learn more about how to build a Live App and join the Quip developer community, please visit:

To learn more about partner Live App solutions from Atlassian, DocuSign, Lucidchart and New Relic, please contact the respective partner.

Workflow Templates are generally available today with any Quip Enterprise license, for $25 per user, per month.

Salesforce Files Connect for Quip is generally available today with any Quip Enterprise license, for $25 per user, per month.