Vocalcom and Infinity announce world-first long-term partnership mission to end uninformed contact centres

In a groundbreaking announcement, Vocalcom has revealed a trailblazing partnership with Infinity to provide the world’s first fully-integrated customer journey view on an enterprise contact centre platform. In short, Vocalcom customers will now have the globe’s most informed call centre staff, across all industries.

Vocalcom is a world leader in customer interaction management, providing leading-edge, multimedia contact centre solutions worldwide. Infinity, meanwhile, is a leading call intelligence provider, aggressively expanding across Europe and into the US following a £10m investment from Smedvig Capital in late 2016.

Vocalcom customers with the Infinity integration will now be able to immediately see the precise source of a call, as well as the website journey they followed before picking up the phone. Staff will have an advanced awareness of the caller’s needs and provide an unparalleled customer experience, greatly reducing call times by increasing the relevance of service they provide.

“This world-first integration will instantly arm contact centre staff with the full context of a caller’s digital journey, heightening their upselling capabilities, and delivering an efficient service to customers,” says Roy Holmes at Vocalcom. “Call handlers will be gifted a level of insight in moments that would normally take valuable minutes to ascertain, saving many thousands of working hours every month when scaled up to an enterprise level”

The integration will first be rolled out to a leading world travel company, with property, automotive, and telecoms companies scheduled to follow shortly afterwards.

“This is the logical next step for us in our mission to grow industry leading sales and operations teams for our clients,” adds Infinity CEO and founder Paul Walsh. “Analysing the customer journey, be that on or offline, is only going to improve the success of a call. But until now, this granular level of informed service hasn’t been available for every caller using a contact centre platform.”

Not only will this integration power improvements for individual calls, but the cumulative effect will tangibly decrease manpower challenges faced by contact centres, as Holmes points out: “Having such relevant knowledge on every caller will drastically increase the rate at which contact centre staff are able to achieve a commercially sustainable level of performance. Not only will this drive revenue, it will also cut staff churn rates and decrease time wasted on recruitment.”

This move delivers the clarity a true customer-centric approach needs, as businesses are striving to unlock the lifetime value of providing an individual level of service on an industrial scale. Walsh adds, “Infinity will now be fully plugged into the infrastructure of some of the best contact centres out there, guaranteeing an inimitable standard of calls that continues to improve as they learn from their call attribution and outcomes.”