The customer service revolution begins here

Digital engagement and automation specialist, Parker Software is releasing a book about the future of business to customer communication. The book is titled, The Conversation Engine: A Shop Assistant of the Smart Age, and explores the next frontier of digital communication.
The book centres around technology and how technology advances are changing the way we interact. Chatbots, artificial intelligence and automation are taking the digital communication landscape by storm. The Conversation Engine examines the practicalities of these emergent technologies and explores potential future applications of artificial intelligence in a customer services environment.

The Conversation Engine also addresses the issue of how we can blend technology with a much-needed human touch in customer services. The book emphasises the importance of businesses implementing new technology without losing sight of the customer.

“The ‘conversation engine’ concept came about from considering that, in the future, communication technologies will converge to provide customers with the ultimate collaboration — technological efficiency and human understanding,” said Stephen Parker, CEO of Parker Software and author of The Conversation Engine.

As well as insights from Stephen Parker, The Conversation Engine features contributions from thought leaders across the tech world. Throughout its nine chapters, the book explores key themes such as big data, sentiment analysis, smart customer service and the evolution of user experience. Participating businesses include The Institute of Customer Service, Buzz Radar, IFB, Snowflake, COPA-DATA, Trust Company of America and Ocado.

“Customer service is changing, and businesses must prepare,” said Parker. “Even modern methods of customer communication like SMS, telephone and email are beginning to decline like their forerunners. We’ve written The Conversation Engine to investigate what comes next, and to help companies prepare for the next era of communication.”

The Conversation Engine will be released on Wednesday 22 November, 2017, and will be available online as well as from the Amazon Kindle Store. To download a free copy, click here: