Plum Voice Joins NICE inContact DEVone Program to Provide Advanced IVR Technology to Contact Centers via CXexchange Marketplace

NICE inContact announced that Plum Voice has joined the DEVone developer program and provides cloud integrated voice response (IVR)-extended capabilities on CXexchange, the most extensive technology ecosystem currently available in the customer experience market. Products available on CXexchange marketplace are designed to integrate with NICE inContact CXone™, the world’s No. 1 cloud customer experience platform.

NICE inContact CXone empowers organizations to provide exceptional customer experiences by acting smarter and responding faster to ever-changing consumer expectations. To meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, CXone combines best-in-class Omnichannel Routing, Workforce Optimization, Analytics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence—all on an Open Cloud Foundation.

Plum Voice’s gives CXone users additional access to analytics and call-path visualization from IVR interactions. Users can see how callers use IVR applications at a glance and use that information to drive improvements that result in better customer experiences, higher call containment, and lower customer service costs.

NICE inContact customers will benefit from Plum Voice’s cloud IVR platform for automating customer interactions by enabling:

  • Efficient customer self-service that delivers high IVR automation rates
  • Secure voice transactions on a PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOC2-compliant cloud platform
  • Accelerated application deployment on CXone with pre-built application templates

Plum’s IVR platforms and analytics enable great caller experiences that reduce customer effort and frustration. Actionable data from Plum’s VoiceTrends analytics make it easy to track the customer journey and update IVR applications so they produce automation rates as high as 80 percent, for many call types.

“Plum Voice is excited for this partnership with NICE and inContact and being part of CXexchange,” said Andrew Kuan, Plum Voice’s CEO. “Our technology helps businesses automate their most frequent customer interactions over the phone, which then frees agents to provide more high-touch customer service, and is now integrated with CXone.”

DEVone offers partners broad tools and resources to enable them to create new applications on CXone, including extensive documentation and support, and access to an online developer community. Companies interested in how Plum Voice’s application works with CXone can visit CXexchange to learn more about the application and read reviews. CXexchange is a centralized, state-of-the-art marketplace for developers to market and sell their CXone-based applications.

“Cloud applications can make it easier to oversee all the different customer service channels managed in the contact center,” said Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE inContact. “Offering Plum Voice’s application on CXone provides NICE inContact users with extended views of IVR interactions. We welcome Plum Voice as part of the CXexchange marketplace.”