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Empowering customer service agents

The butterfly effect is the concept that small changes, such as the flapping wings of a distant butterfly, can cause a chain reaction of events that can build up to a tornado. Here, Howard Williams, marketing director of live chat software specialist Parker Software, looks at how the simple choice of chat can lead to happier agents and loyal customers. Continue reading Empowering customer service agents

What do older generations want from customer service?

It may surprise you that one in five Twitter users are aged over 50, over 59 per cent of seniors have made a digital purchase in the past three months and a colossal 28 million seniors have a Facebook account. Clearly, online tools are not just for the younger generation. To illustrate this, live chat developer, Parker Software, has created a free, downloadable infographic detailing why the older generation is choosing online live chat applications as its preferred method of communication with businesses. Continue reading What do older generations want from customer service?