Talkdesk Launches AI Powered Product to Drive Better Inside Sales Conversations

Talkdesk, a leading intelligent contact center cloud platform, announced Talkdesk for Sales, a new offering for inside sales teams designed to drive more productive prospect conversations. Powered by AI, the Talkdesk for Sales product suite includes SalesAssistTM, power dialing, voicemail drop, local presence, Salesforce Sales Cloud integration, and more.

“At Talkdesk we are continually working to redefine the industry by using the latest technologies including AI,” said Tiago Paiva, CEO and founder at Talkdesk. “We know that building products and solutions on top of AI can give our customers a competitive edge when it comes to customer service, and we are excited to expand and offer a product line for inside sales teams to offer even more cutting-edge products to our customers.”

Growth in inside sales teams is far outpacing field sales.1 Companies invest large amounts in training and coaching these teams on prospect engagement and sales processes in an attempt to improve results. Yet only 33 percent of inside sales rep time is spent actively selling2. Talkdesk for Sales addresses this problem.

Talkdesk for Sales allows inside sales teams to make more calls, have the right information at their fingertips to better engage with prospects, and leverage AI to get feedback they need to win more business. Since Talkdesk for Sales is a cloud-based solution, inside sales teams are no longer shackled by office phones —reps can be dispersed and calls can be handled from many locations. And Talkdesk is fully integrated into Salesforce so provisioning happens quickly.

Talkdesk for Sales drives inbound and outbound calling throughput with:

  • Power dialing – increases connect rates for outbound prospecting by 30%+ and talk time by 300%+ per hour.
  • Voicemail drop – lets sales reps select a pre-recorded voicemail to leave for prospects’ inboxes, rather than re-record a message for every phone call.
  • Local presence – allows sales reps to use a local number which increases likelihood of an answer.
  • Callbar – simplifies calling with an intuitive click-to-call app that provides unified access to CRM and other tools..
  • Salesforce integration – unifies voice/omni-channel, desktop telephony, native reporting, and automations.

To increase the effectiveness of inside salespeople and drive better results, Talkdesk for Sales offers a powerful set of intelligent features that include:

  • Talkdesk SalesAssistTM – uses AI and voice analytics to identify relevant conversations, find the best answer to questions and present those answer to reps in real-time. With SalesAssist, reps spend more time selling and less time searching for the information they need to engage prospects.
  • Call Recording – enables coaching to ensure call quality and consistency standards.
  • Voice Analytics – uses AI to identify successful sales calls in order to scale learnings across the sales team.

“Talkdesk for Sales tight integration with Salesforce helps our inside sales teams be more productive because it brings all the information the rep needs onto one screen, and the voice recording help me coach them to be more effective at closing business,” said John McCormick, Prezi’s Director of Sales.

“Talkdesk is redefining enablement for inside sales teams, using AI in an innovative way, said Ken Landoline, Principal Analyst, Ovum. “Talkdesk for Sales increases the volume of conversations and percentage of conversions by prioritizing who and when to call, identifying conversational coaching opportunities and serving up answers to prospect questions and objections in real-time during a conversation.”