Sigma Connected announces its first international customer service operation from Cape Town township

Outsourcing specialist Sigma Connected has announced it is working with E.ON Next to relocate 100 employees to Sigma Connected’s Mitchells Plain offices, based in the township to the south of Cape Town, so employees can work closer to their homes.

E.ON Next, a client of Sigma Connected, is the first UK service provider to move some of its customer service roles into a Western Cape township. The relocation of offices closer to employees’ homes is part of Sigma Connected’s strategy to improve the work-life balance of its colleagues, while also helping to save them on travel time and costs.

Over 15% of the staff working on the contract have been employed through Sigma Connected’s partnership with Shadow Careers, an award-winning initiative which gives career opportunities to those from disadvantaged backgrounds and communities.

​​​​​In 2022, the company saw wide acclaim for becoming the first ever outsourcer to open the contact centre in Mitchells Plain, where it initially serviced domestic South African clients as the proof of concept was developed.

Rob Sawle, Director of Utilities at Sigma Connected Group said: “This agreement makes E.ON Next a truly pioneering business for its vision. We’re delighted to be supporting them to take work directly to the people in Mitchells Plain. We recently hosted E.ON Next over in South Africa, and they were hugely impressed with not only the offices, but the quality of our staff who are achieving great results.

“Our move to Mitchells Plain two years ago made a hugely positive social impact and alongside E.ON Next, we’ve taken that commitment a step further. Not only do 100 people now have employment right on their doorstep, but that includes graduates who joined us through Shadow Careers – people who are being given meaningful job opportunities, many for the first time.”

Stefan Guy, Director of Credit Management at E.ON Next, added: “Our visit to Mitchells Plain showcased the positivity and dedication of the colleagues working on our behalf and we’re delighted to see more of them being able to work closer to their homes, saving them both time and money.

“Looking after our colleagues’ wellbeing is a key priority for everyone at E.ON Next – be that in the UK or elsewhere, and this move demonstrates how we can help our international partners and the communities in which they live.

“I’m really proud to see and meet some of the Shadow Career graduates who are part of the team supporting us. The enthusiasm and drive of all 100 staff on the contract is absolutely apparent and shows the quality of people Shadow Careers are developing in partnership with Sigma Connected. There are some amazing people involved and to meet them first-hand was inspirational.”