Zappix, the Visual IVR company, announces 2016 results

PRESS RELEASE: Zappix, a smartphone Visual IVR software innovator, has announced that during 2016 it has expanded into new verticals such as utilities, retail, insurance and HR in addition to finalizing a new round of financing lead by Kormeli LLC. Zappix’s contact center Visual IVR portfolio increased its robust capabilities for easier adoption and use in a wide variety of companies and organizations.

The new solution, which Zappix released in 2016, expanded its product portfolio and increased the capabilities for:

  • Integrating a Visual IVR with both legacy IVRs and cloud-based IVRs (Interactive Voice Response Systems).
  • Full localization support of the Visual IVR and support for multi-national global deployments including double-byte and right to left languages.
  • Robust multi-channel Big Data actionable analytics suite, allowing companies to get a true view of multi-channel interactions and response to it in near real time.
  • Rapid Development and deployment of Visual IVR with a robust authoring platform; shortening time to market with a easy to use drag and drop interface.
  • Pre-canned modules to support Retail, Healthcare and Human Resources verticals
  • Easy to use support for integration with CRM, and Back-Office systems with a Drag and drop Visual IVR API authoring tool.
  • Visual ECM/CRM & VIVR integration.

“I’m very happy to be announcing the leap Zappix has made during 2016. We see an increasing demand for the Zappix Visual IVR solutions portfolio by large and medium-size organizations.” says Avner Schneur, Zappix CEO. “Companies are clearly looking for ways to engage customers and move them to digital channels, reducing costs in the call centers and increasing customer satisfaction. It was greatly satisfying to see customers engaged with Zappix as the new released solution addressed their needs.

The Zappix Visual IVR]product suite proves its effectiveness in rerouting voice calls to digital engagement and self service channels, shortening the time for call resolution and and providing the customer a wide variety of digital multi Omni channels.

The Zappix Visual IVR system offers a better call experience for customers in multiple verticals with a visual representation of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call menu on a smartphone or computer screen to offer customers visual self-service. The new IVR and Visual IVR authoring platform from Zappix facilitates contact centers to offer consumers better way to interact with customer service compared to the old voice menus. Customers from any vertical can use existing Visual IVR templates to build and launch a contact center solution in a short time frame. Further more as business evolves, and requirements are changed Service providers can rapidly adjust their Visual IVR offering in matter of hours utilizing the powerful authoring platform.

Customers calling from their smartphone can now utilize a better visual call experience during the call by utilizing the smartphone display and simply select responses by touch from the list of options displayed on their screen from order status, tracking order, tracking returns, initiating returns are more, all during a voice call.

The Zappix platform improves the customer experience by allowing consumers to visually navigate the phone menu support options, and to then easily select options by touch versus listening to a list of options over the phone and interacting with their voice. A contact center call made via Zappix is usually much shorter than one made via a traditional voice IVR, is easier to use and can offer many options that are not available during a standard voice call, such as filling a form or watching a video.