AI, Automation and Robotics

Huge strides are being made in artificial intelligence, and every day advances in areas such as machine learning, automation, problem solving and voice recognition add new abilities to the technology around us.

Capita works at the leading edge of these technologies – focusing on where they can enhance customer experience by making interactions quicker, easier and more natural, and where they can drive down costs through ever greater efficiencies in contact centres. (Efficiencies that also free up advisors to tackle customers’ more complex and empathetic enquiries, those that still need the human touch.)

Importantly we ask the questions of these technologies that our clients really want to know. Can an artificially intelligent chatbot truly capture the essence of my brand? Can automation life the pressure from my back office, and what are the best tasks for it to tackle? Can robotics drive revenue, and if so how?

Capita has gathered a team of experts that spend their time exploring the practical applications of these rapid advances and how well they work in real life, real business and with real customer interactions.

Robots can be clever – but only useful when they deliver genuine, business and growth driving benefits. And that’s where we’re looking.

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