IPsoft’s Amelia Wins UK National Innovation Award for Live Chat 2017

NIA17-winner-BadgePRESS RELEASE: London, March 8, 2017 — Directors’ Club United Kingdom are delighted to announce IPsoft as the winner of the Live Chat Innovation category of this year’s UK National Innovation Awards.

On Tuesday (March 7th 2017), senior customer-centric leaders from across the UK, representing a range of verticals, came together online to judge the live final.

The Nationals have become the “People’s Choice Awards” for industry.

Eleven companies entered the first-round of the competition and four were put through to the live final.

IPsoft’s winning entry was centred on Amelia, a virtual employee who can take on a wide range of worker roles within an organization, including live chat agent.

Using advanced AI capabilities, Amelia is able to interact and sustain conversations with customers in a manner that is not confined to preset user instructions or keyword triggers, but in a way that is natural to the client. Her cognitive abilities also factor in human emotion allowing her to adapt responses and actions in line with the customer’s mood.

“We are particularly delighted to have won this Live Chat Innovation award as the judges were highly experienced professionals who are shaping the next generation of customer experience”, said Steve Bill, UK Managing Director at IPsoft. “While cost and compliance are crucial business drivers, they lack the ability to drive differentiation in a crowded marketplace. Leading organisations crave differentiation. Amelia demonstrates how this can be achieved through exceptional customer engagement and delivering a game shifting experience.”

Live Chat, until recently, was commonly regarded as a human-to-human channel of interaction. But that has now changed with the term expanding to envelope any form of real-time, text-based interaction between the customer and brand. Increasingly, as a customer, you will not know if you are live chatting with a human or an AI-driven virtual agent.

“Across all four of the finalists’ presentations we saw clear evidence that live chat is rapidly evolving from a person-to-person channel towards delivering a high-quality customer experience using virtual live chat agents”, said Jon Snow, awards host and Directors’ Club founder. “When customers click to live chat, all they want are fast, accurate answers to their queries. The judges recognised the quality and sophistication of IPsoft’s Amelia as a virtual live chat agent.”

Congratulations are extended to all the finalists who delivered a close and hard-fought competition. All the innovations showcased were of the highest quality!

Live Chat Innovation Category Results

Live Final: 11am (GMT) on March 7th 2017

Winner: IPsoft

Runner-up: Creative Virtual

Finalist: eGain

Finalist: Salesforce

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