inContact Announces Spring 2017 Release of Award-Winning Customer Interaction Cloud

inContact, Inc., a NICE company (NASDAQ: NICE) and the leading provider of cloud contact center software that unifies omnichannel routing, workforce optimization and analytics, today announced the details of its Spring 2017 release. Updates to the inContact Customer Interaction Cloud improve the customer experience with comprehensive omnichannel journey management, increased contact handling speed and accuracy through analytics-based routing and boosts the value of customer interaction data with new cloud storage services.

“Providing a complete solution, including integrated omnichannel routing, workforce optimization and analytics, is crucial for success in the customer service industry,” said Paul Jarman, CEO of inContact. “Our purpose-built solution helps contact centers achieve their business goals and meet the rapidly evolving needs of the modern customer service industry.”

Deliver Great Customer Experiences through a Complete Omnichannel Journey

With this release, inContact makes it possible for contact centers to deliver a superior customer experience through a true omnichannel experience across the customer journey, while providing greater efficiency and detailed reporting for contact center leaders. Increase agent utilization and efficiency by enabling agents to simultaneously handle multiple contacts across multiple channels, while​ empowering agents to increase customer satisfaction and first-contact resolution with the ability to elevate from a single-channel customer interaction to a true omnichannel session. Unlike other contact center providers, this new omnichannel journey functionality is available to inContact customers at no additional charge. It is delivered natively within the My Agent eXperience™ (MAX) agent interface and includes:

  • Omnichannel Session Handling: Increases agent utilization by supporting concurrent handling of multiple customer interactions across all digital channels for a true omnichannel session.
  • Omnichannel Session Elevation: Agents may “elevate” a single-channel customer interaction to an omnichannel session by adding channels to a live interaction, such as adding voice to an existing chat conversation. Only inContact routes and tracks these additional channels through the automatic contact distribution (ACD) process, enabling an added voice conversation on customer’s device of choice, unlike other solutions that can only add voice via WebRTC on a PC browser.
  • Omnichannel Workload Throttling: Agents now can control new contact flow to maintain quality and responsiveness, especially if a contact with a text channel elevates to voice. This provides greater utilization than other ACDs which only view agents as “busy” or “available” for new contacts.
  • Omnichannel Session Reporting: All reporting and dashboards have been updated to reflect customer sessions that include multiple simultaneous channels and agents that handle multiple customers across channels – providing true reporting on the omnichannel customer experience and the productivity of agents.

Gain Speed and Accuracy with Industry’s First Analytics-based Routing
The Spring 2017 release delivers a first-of-its-kind intelligent routing innovation, made possible by inContact’s 2016 acquisition of Attensity, a leading provider of text-based analytics. inContact is the only contact center provider to offer native analytics-based routing that combines natural language understanding and analytics with a sophisticated skills-based ACD to improve contact routing accuracy and speed. inContact customers can now expect to significantly improve customer satisfaction, increase agent productivity and reduce agent attrition through the ​routing of text-based interactions directly to the appropriate agents through topic, priority and sentiment analysis. Detailed examples of this new functionality include:

  • Topic Routing: Analyzes content to determine the topic being discussed in an interaction and routes text-based interactions to the appropriately skilled agent based on the product or service mentioned.
  • Priority Routing: Analyzes content to classify an interaction as “priority” or “non-priority”. Emails from dissatisfied customers are flagged for priority routing to specifically-skilled, or more senior, agents for handling.
  • Sentiment Routing: Uses sentiment analysis to classify an interaction into four categories: negative, mixed, neutral, and positive. Delivers positive and standard-topic emails to new or less-experienced agents while sensitive interactions are routed to veteran agents.

Retain and Search Every Customer Interaction

New cloud storage services increase the value of data by allowing inContact customers to easily store their data for long-term retention and execute richer, more targeted searches for improved analysis. Automated retention and data archiving processes improve the reliability of data by eliminating common errors associated with manual file management and data transfer processes. inContact Cloud Storage Services deliver:

  • Native Storage Options: Reduce or eliminate the need for data transfer of storage, maintenance of storage infrastructure, and/or outsourcing to third-party solutions with integrated active storage, long-term storage and automated archiving policies.
  • Metadata Search: Provides the ability to execute a targeted search via metadata tags on all files contained within long-term storage.
  • Optimized Data Management: Define time-to-live to determine how long each file type is retained and when a certain file type is moved to long-term storage, allowing for granular data administration and reduced storage costs.

The inContact Spring 2017 release advances and strengthens its complete cloud contact center solution with advancements designed to boost efficiency and flexibility for the modern contact center. With these latest innovations, inContact expands its enterprise-level, global Open Cloud Platform, built with the future in mind and capable of evolving with customer growth and the rapidly changing landscape of the customer service industry.