New Release of Buzzeasy’s Cloud-Based Customer Contact Solution

PRESS RELEASE: Buzzeasy announced the latest release of its innovative cloud-based customer contact solution. Delivering advanced in-queue callback, virtual hold technology, and uniting digital communication to the contact centre, Buzzeasy transitions customers from digital self-service to live agent with full customer context.

This latest release supports a robust hybrid solution that utilizes Microsoft Azure and provides users with additional features to give them real control over their Buzzeasy system.

Introducing the Hybrid Solution

The Buzzeasy hybrid solution adds the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to on-premises voice infrastructure without sacrificing security or control. A highly secure connection from the Buzzeasy cloud to an organization’s on-premises voice infrastructure can be established via Microsoft Azure, eliminating any additional telephony costs related to the Buzzeasy service. As part of the Microsoft Azure cloud, the Buzzeasy service can be used anywhere in the world, and because call traffic is local, Buzzeasy becomes even more cost effective, while PCI compliance becomes much simpler to achieve.

Add and Manage In-Queue Callback Announcements

For ultimate management control, the Buzzeasy administration portal now makes it effortless for organizations to add and manage their own IVR In-Queue callback announcements for continuity of their customers’ in-queue experience. Changing or updating announcements can be made as-and-when business needs dictate, and can be done simply from a single point of administration.

Outbound SMS Campaigns Made Even Simpler

Via Buzzeasy’s intuitive online administration portal, customer phone numbers can now be imported to the Buzzeasy system directly from local files, making the management of outbound SMS campaigns with interactive callback requests even quicker and easier.

David Ward, CEO of Geomant, commented, ‘Buzzeasy’s ability to continually evolve its communication solutions to meet changing business needs provides customers with the critical flexibility and optimal costs they need, while delivering cutting-edge communication capabilities globally.’