The gentle touch is the key to CRM success says Aquarium Software

PRESS RELEASE: Contact centre management software expert, Aquarium Software, says intelligent integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into all communication streams is the key to making complaints a thing of the past, and improving the all important customer journey.

This follows on from Aquarium YouGov research revealing the frustration many feel when having to explain themselves to contact centres over and over again.

Aquarium’s conclusion comes as 34 per cent of Brits report having to repeat conversations they have had with other people and departments within service organisations. Aquarium says contact centres need real time visibility of the full context of communications, when speaking with the customer. It is critical that a comprehensive case history lies at your fingertips, including anything that has been mentioned on social streams, phone calls, via SMS response, and even by old fashioned letter. If you are not seeing all of this and more, you cannot provide the best service and you are at risk of alienating the customer by asking them to repeat things.

“The easiest way to grow a business is to Software existing customers and turn them into brand your ambassadors. Making customers repeat themselves endlessly is a sure fire way to lose their business,” said Ed Shropshire, Managing Director of Aquarium Software. “The solution is intelligent CRM, which can now deliver omni-channel customer communications to one unified desktop. Recording all customer touch points in one place provides a single view of the customer, bringing you up to speed and ensuring the customer has confidence you know what has happened – and you know what you are doing.

“We’ve all experienced being passed around from one person to another and its one of the biggest bugbears when calling contact centres and it doesn’t have to be this way,” explained Ed. “Customers also want contact their way and technology can assist in these sorts of situations. Be it Live Chat, social media, SMS, email or instant messaging or phone, if you are communicating via the customer’s preferred method and with the very latest intelligence at your fingertips, you are enhancing not only the customer’s journey but also the productivity of contact centre staff.”

“It’s about more than just customer retention,” said Ed. “Modern software also means better internal communications between departments and the advantages of the left hand knowing what the right hand is doing are obvious. It saves doubling up on work and saves time and money in the process.”