EvaluAgent Launches the World’s Very First Cloud-based Workforce Engagement Management Software Platform for Contact Centres

PRESS RELEASE: In a world first for the sector, EvaluAgent has unveiled a ground-breaking all-in-one software platform that is set to revolutionise how contact centres operate. The EvaluAgent Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) platform is the culmination of years of research and development by industry experts; all committed to providing the contact centre workforce with the tools they need to deliver a first-class customer experience (CX).

This innovative cloud-based software solution is destined to improve customer experience by engaging and motivating front-line agents; and as a direct result raise the contact centre’s ability to deliver the very best CX to millions of people across the planet.

Created to meet the demand from growing numbers of increasingly desperate contact centres.

This far-reaching initiative is in direct response to demand from hundreds of contact centres who are plagued by churn, absenteeism and declining CX standards, and are now failing to meet rising customer expectations.
Many contact centres have turned to digital channels in an attempt to find the answers, but have discovered, to their cost, that automation has its limits.

The hard truth is that as technology makes contact centres more efficient, (by taking over the simplistic tasks), it will lead to a requirement for super agents; who will be needed both when technology is unable to solve complex challenges, and when it simply fails altogether.

What this serves to demonstrate is that ultimately organisations will depend more on human creativity, not less. And while the rise of chatbots, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services, web-based collaborative tools and their like is inevitable, EvaluAgent has set out a rock-solid case for investing in people to deliver the competitive advantage that today’s organisations so desperately seek.

“While automation will increasingly be unleashed on the public, it is agents with their people skills, creativity, and complex problem-solving abilities that are essential to delivering a first-class CX. Even if a digital CX programme is successfully implemented, it will only serve to deliver standardisation across the sector. How can an organisation gain competitive advantage based on a first-rate CX when they all look and respond in the same way?” – Jaime Scott CEO, EvaluAgent

Why Workforce Engagement Management is absolutely crucial to the success of CX.

It is now an inescapable requirement that contact centres introduce management and motivational tools that can nurture a new generation of super agent; engaged, informed, enthused and capable of delivering a first-class customer experience.

Engagement isn’t just about keeping people focused on their day-to-day workload. 21st-century engagement is a sense of organisational connection and relevance, it’s an understanding of purpose, of contribution and the opportunity to learn and progress.

Workforce Engagement Management is fast becoming an imperative for the future health, prosperity and even the very survival of many contact centres.

Software created through science: the model that makes EvaluAgent’s solution so radically different.

The EvaluAgent WEM platform is based on a new operating system, one that places the agent at the very heart of the contact centre and revolves around three elements: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Together they provide the building blocks that lead directly to an increasingly capable, engaged and motivated workforce, all working together to deliver the very best customer experience.

Building on this new model, the EvaluAgent WEM solution combines a range of software tools into a single platform; designed to capture both internal and external data across all interactions, and then provide agents and team leaders with access to timely, relevant and actionable information.

It’s this free-flowing, open approach that supports independent action, collaboration, aids learning, and improves skills; all of which are then reinforced by recognition and self-fulfilment.

“Technology simply doesn’t have all the answers. We need to learn how to collaborate with technology in ways that augment human skills so that they can take on higher-value, more fulfilling roles. The future lies in the ability to use technology to elevate, not eliminate, people.” – Jonny Bradshaw – Business Development Director, EvaluAgent

With agents and team leaders positioned firmly at the centre of the new model, the scene is set. The benefits will be seen through a reduction in absenteeism, lower churn, increased motivation and higher productivity.

Most importantly, the EvaluAgent WEM platform provides the contact centre workforce with all the tools necessary to become super agents capable of delivering a truly first-class CX.

For a more in-depth look at EvaluAgent’s revolutionary WEM platform, interested parties can visit the dedicated webpage, download the manifesto or see it in action by requesting a demo.