Head Germany Gmbh Goes for the Win in Customer Service with Avaya

PRESS RELEASE: In competitive sports, a fraction of a second can make the difference between a first-place champion and the runner-up. For the sales arm of the globally-renowned sports equipment company, Head Germany Gmbh, switching to Avaya shaved customer response times to seconds and took several minutes — in some cases, hours — off administration tasks, all while providing better information to drive continuous improvement in its relationships and service center.

Head Germany Gmbh supports more than 2,200 sporting goods retailers in Germany and Austria, providing highly sought after lines of equipment for skiers, snowboarders, tennis and other paddle sports as well as swimming. Favored by a number of well-known athletes, including Lindsay Vonn, Head fine tunes its equipment to help ensure they have the edge needed to claim the trophy.

The company recognized its customer support operations needed fine tuning to match the brand promise: its legacy system severely lacked the efficiency to handle the volume of calls received, administration and management was excessively cumbersome, and information that could help improve operations just wasn’t adequate.

A changeover to Avaya IP Office and Avaya Customer Engagement solutions made all the difference. Gains made after implementation include:

  • Efficient Customer Service – Faster response times while reducing burden on agents with automated routing of incoming calls. Now, 98 percent of calls are answered in seconds, with only a small fraction needing manual transferring.
    Productivity – Automated call flows enable better use of agent and administrative resources — a boon to productivity with associated cost savings.
  • Control – Individual call flows can be set up via drag and drop, allowing calls to be controlled in a more targeted manner. Now, the center can be organized at the push of a button.
  • Information – More transparency in accessing information across management and agents. Agents can see statistics on calls in queue and which of their co-workers is on break. Managers have more access to information about call origin, center and agent utilization and can plan their operations more effectively.

“Avaya provides the foundation for highly flexible and personalized communications processes at our Service Center. Thanks to Avaya, we are creating a personal link to our customers, because no matter when a dealer calls, they always connect automatically with a trusted adviser. Now, 98 percent of all calls arrive with the designated agent within a few seconds. The remaining callers wait a maximum of one minute for their call partner.” Helga Geißler, Manager HR/Customer Service AT/DE, Head Germany GmbH