EXL collaborates with Microsoft to drive innovation using Generative AI

EXL, a leading data analytics and digital operations and solutions company, announced a new collaboration with Microsoft to co-develop and accelerate generative AI solutions for businesses.

EXL is using the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to augment its extensive data and analytics expertise and create faster value for clients across industries, including insurance, healthcare, banking, media, and retail industry verticals.

The collaboration will deliver innovative solutions that help clients drive growth, personalize customer experiences, unlock valuable insights, and develop new offerings. With Azure OpenAI Service, EXL’s generative AI platform and decades of experience in data-and AI-led digital solutions, clients will be able to scale AI initiatives rapidly across the enterprise. This announcement expands upon EXL’s generative AI platform, including an AI workbench and 50-plus AI accelerators.

Microsoft will provide EXL with early access to emerging technologies, engineering expertise, knowledge repositories and training, enabling EXL’s data scientists and AI experts to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. In addition, EXL will collaborate with Microsoft to build industry and domain-specific accelerators leveraging EXL’s proprietary data, analytics, and research along with large language models to drive innovation and customer experience.

“This is an exciting collaboration that will help our clients unlock the full potential of generative AI,” said Rohit Kapoor, vice chairman and chief executive officer of EXL. “We implement a sensible framework to solve complex business problems and develop use cases that are relevant to our clients’ businesses. Our expertise in data management, advanced analytics and industry domains coupled with Microsoft’s technologies will help organizations achieve transformational outcomes.”

“We are pleased to see EXL adopt Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to bring the power of generative AI to customers,” said John Montgomery, corporate vice president, AI Platform, Microsoft. “Combining the Azure OpenAI Service with EXL’s data and analytics will help create value for EXL customers across industries, accelerate their digital transformation and create new opportunities for growth.”

EXL and Microsoft have a proven history when it comes to cloud and AI. EXL’s smart health platform is built on Microsoft Azure and is currently in use by healthcare organizations looking to solve some of their biggest challenges in the areas of payment integrity, clinical data and analytics and pharmacy.

EXL has created a generative AI centre of excellence, training 1,500 specialists from the company’s team of over 9,000 data scientists and engineers, that focuses on the rapid development of generative AI solutions.

For more information about our generative AI platform and associated solutions, please click here.

About EXL

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