Kustomer Introduces Kustomer IQ Agent Assist

Kustomer announced the launch of Kustomer IQ Agent Assist, the latest in its suite of IQ products designed to enable the most forward looking brands to put customers at the centre of customer experience.

“With 83% of organizations saying that AI is a top priority and 81% of customers expecting brands to know them, today’s companies need best-in-class AI-powered capabilities that provide the robust data and insights needed to personalize and elevate the overall customer experience,” said Brad Birnbaum, CEO of Kustomer. “AI is key to transforming customer engagement, and KIQ Agent Assist is a next-generation advancement that empowers customer service agents with the necessary tools to resolve customer issues with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and efficiency, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty in the process.”

KIQ Agent Assist is an AI copilot designed to empower agents to be more efficient with automated communication personalization capabilities. This suite of AI-powered capabilities is built on top of Kustomer’s CRM platform and was developed by leveraging integrations with OpenAI’s Large Language Models (LLMs) and Amazon Translate to create personalized, customer-aware experiences at scale. Brands can boost their Customer Satisfaction ratings (CSAT) by 17% with an AI copilot powered by quality customer data.

With Agent Assist, brands can:

  • Resolve customer issues in record time: Empower agents with instant communication prompts driven by Generative AI, leveraging internal knowledge bases. Kustomer will also be launching integrations with additional sources, including the Kustomer CRM, for faster resolution of customer issues.
  • Elevate brand reputation with enhanced communication: Automatically expand messages or make them concise, improve grammar and correct spelling for friendlier and more professional customer interactions.
  • Extend global reach with 2-way translations: Translate messages between agents and customers to provide support worldwide. KIQ Agent Assist provides translation capabilities in more than 53 popular languages.
  • Enable uninterrupted customer service with conversation summaries: Summarize lengthy conversations for consumption and seamlessly transfer summaries between chatbots and agents or among agents ensuring continuity and context.

Amare Global, the global mental wellness platform, has been using KIQ Agent Assist for the past four months to polish spelling and grammar in outbound emails and chats and fine-tune their response shortcuts, making them more effective for 90% of customer inquiries.

“Agents love how user-friendly KIQ is compared to other tools, especially our ESL agents who find it invaluable for crafting messages confidently,” said Jordan Larson, Customer Experience Business Analyst and Tech Admin, Amare.

Kustomer Agent Assist is now available to enterprise customers and will be launching additional features in the coming months, allowing brands to:

  • Take actionable steps to optimize customer experience:: Report out customer support metrics to key stakeholders with observability dashboards showcasing the top used features, impact on handle time and improvement in CSAT score.
  • Sort and resolve repetitive tasks with AI: Automatically categorize tasks with clear actionable next steps, such as transferring to a specialized department for resolution, sending over a help article or extending a credit offer.
    Engage with customers as if you’ve been lifelong friends: Gain
  • valuable insights into relevant customer information on the agent timeline. Kustomer’s AI retrieves critical details from the CRM, such as VIP status or upcoming birthdays, satisfaction ratings, best and worst interactions and automatically applies the appropriate tone, enabling agents to personalize interactions instantly.

About Kustomer:

Kustomer is the industry-leading conversational CRM platform helping businesses perfect every customer experience. Built with intelligent tools such as AI and Automation, no-code configuration, and a connected data platform that unifies data from multiple sources through a single timeline, Kustomer empowers businesses to operate with greater efficiency and deliver more personalized service to customers across any channel.

For more information, please visit www.kustomer.com.