UserTesting Unveils New Feedback Engine and Broadens AI Capabilities to Surveys

UserTesting, a SaaS leader in experience research and insights, announced a major milestone with the launch of the UserTesting Feedback Engine alongside significant updates to the UserTestingⓇ Human Insight Platform.

The introduction of the Feedback Engine marks a meaningful advancement in providing a flexible and comprehensive solution designed to help teams build tests and capture perspectives across any experience.

UserTesting is also announcing the availability of AI-powered surveys for experience research, which is a new AI-powered survey solution designed to help teams further capture, validate, and measure high-quality feedback at any stage of product development. Additionally, to support these new testing capabilities, UserTesting made significant updates to its purpose-built Audience Solutions and UserTesting AI capabilities.

The UserTesting Human Insight Platform now offers expanded targeting and access to vetted participants from more than 40 partner networks to help users capture high quality perspectives at scale with confidence. Additionally, enhancements to UserTesting AI, with the introduction of AI themes, allow users to quickly and easily summarize and prioritize the most relevant themes from open-ended written questions, regardless of the number of participants included, whether it’s 100 or 1,000 respondents.

“I found the new survey solution to be extremely easy to set up and reorder questions. I’m excited for the additional features in the near future that will save researchers even more time and make studies simpler for everyone involved, eliminating the need for switching between tools mid-study,” said Kevin Smith, Senior UX Researcher, ADT.

Features of this product release include:

UserTesting Feedback Engine

The UserTesting Feedback Engine offers versatile testing capabilities, allowing teams to capture audience feedback using their preferred approaches throughout the product development lifecycle. The inclusion of AI-powered surveys for experience research, and high sample size testing in the Feedback Engine enable organizations to quickly gather comprehensive feedback about their products and customers’ experiences. Alongside current capabilities, teams can test a variety of items, including websites, prototypes, campaigns, and competitive brands, using a combination of live interviews, usability testing, think aloud, information architecture testing, surveys, and more to gain a deep understanding of customer perspectives.

UserTesting’s Feedback Engine makes it easy for anyone to get started, or explore new ways to gather insights. Users can select from a gallery of more than 100 pre-built Templates to launch a test in record time.

New addition to UserTesting AI

UserTesting expanded UserTesting AI with the introduction of AI themes, enabling customers to automate analysis and extract key insights from open-ended survey questions. AI themes instantly provide the “why” behind survey responses at scale so insights are even more actionable.

AI themes join the line-up of UserTesting AI capabilities including AI Insight Summary, sentiment and intent paths, friction detection, and more. AI themes save users from having to spend hours in manual analysis of responses, which traditionally includes reading through each response, categorizing the data, identifying themes, and analysing the outcomes. With AI themes critical insights are automatically highlighted, helping teams to better align with customer requirements.

Purpose-Built Audience Solutions

UserTesting’s commitment to helping customers find their exact target audience is further demonstrated through the introduction of improved audience capabilities to capture feedback at scale. The improvements ensure access to unique global audiences regardless of feedback type through country specific targeting and the addition of vetted participants from an expanded network of more than 40 partners.

“Launching the Feedback Engine, featuring AI-powered surveys, and providing access to the UserTesting Network and unique global audiences from partner networks is a pivotal achievement towards realizing our vision of integrating the best aspects of UserTesting and UserZoom platforms while continuing to embrace technological innovations,” said Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer at UserTesting. “Our April release, including expanded audience solutions and enhanced AI capabilities, empowers customers to adopt a single platform when building market-leading products and more memorable customer experiences.”

About UserTesting

UserTesting is fundamentally changing the way digital products and experiences are built and delivered by helping organizations get insights from customers – from concept to execution. Built on top of a world-class, on-demand sourcing engine, customers can receive fast, high quality, opt-in feedback from both our proprietary and partner-sourced audience networks around the world. UserTesting offers the industry’s most comprehensive experience research solution. Unlike approaches that track user behaviour or collect customer listening data on live experiences, then try to infer what that data means, UserTesting enables companies to get input directly from customers – earlier in the process – helping to reduce guesswork, and bringing experience data to life with human insight. The company, formed through the combination of UserTesting & UserZoom, has more than 3,000 customers worldwide, including 75 of the Fortune 100 companies.

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