ISON Xperiences expands into UK market with acquisition of EC Outsourcing

iSON Xperiences, a global leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM), has announced the acquisition of EC Outsourcing Company, a UK-based BPO founded in 2013.

This strategic expansion signifies iSON Xperiences’ entry into the UK and European markets, bolstering its offshoring capabilities in Egypt, South Africa, India, and other strategic locations.

Through this acquisition, the company aims to establish its presence in the UK and Europe, showcasing itself as a leading African BPO champion. This strategic move allows potential clients to collaborate directly with an African entity, leveraging its in-depth understanding of the continent’s delivery landscape to facilitate seamless BPO services from Africa.

Pravin Kumar, Global CEO of iSON Xperiences, expressed the strategic importance of the EC Outsourcing deal, stating, “This acquisition marks our initial foray into the Western markets, starting with the UK. Our goal is to establish a presence in the UK and Europe while expanding our offshoring opportunities from key destinations such as South Africa, India, Egypt, Kenya, and Rwanda.”

“Africa’s BPO sector is vibrant and diverse, with immense potential. We boast a young, tech-savvy workforce eager to engage with the world, offering a unique combination of talent and affordability. Acquiring EC Outsourcing provides us with a well-established management team and a strong foothold in these markets,” Kumar added.

Shailesh Mohan, Global Head of Sales and Executive Director at iSON Xperiences, highlighted the benefits this acquisition will bring to Egypt. He stated: “This acquisition will significantly benefit our operations in Egypt, enhancing our capabilities and expanding our reach. We are excited about the opportunities it will create for our employees and the growth it will bring to our business.”

“We are already leveraging Egypt’s young talent, employing a total of nearly 3500 Egyptian employees, and planning to add 2500 more jobs in offshore space. With this acquisition, we aim to expand even further with new locations employing more talents and leaving a stronger impact on the overall economy through enabling Egypt to gain more out of the offshoring sector, “Mohan reiterated.

This expansion aligns with iSON Xperiences’ steady growth over the past decade, as it has established operations in many countries across Africa, India, and the Middle East. The vision to become a global leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM) prompted iSON Xperiences to explore new territories, moving beyond familiar ground in Africa. Moreover, the company manages customer interactions for international brands, spanning 19+ countries and serving over 500 million customers. The acquisition of EC Outsourcing Company represents a major milestone for iSON Xperiences as it strengthens its position in the global BPO market and establishes a strong presence in the UK and European markets.

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About iSON Xperiences:

iSON Xperiences is a pioneering global leader in the field of Customer Experience Management (CXM). With a profound knowledge in transforming CX landscapes, iSON Xperiences specializes in providing modern omnichannel technologies, strategic insights, and efficient processes to enhance customer interactions and elevate Egypt’s BPO services.