Voiceflex collaborates with AudioCodes

Voiceflex, a leading carrier of communication solutions, announces its strategic collaboration with AudioCodes, a global leader in voice, contact centre and conversational AI solutions and services.

This partnership signifies Voiceflex’s commitment to continue to innovate and to supply products and applications, further penetrating the Microsoft Teams arena and staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

At the heart of this collaboration is the addition of AudioCodes Voca Conversational Interaction Centre (CIC), an AI-first contact centre solution certified by Microsoft and recent winner of the “Best Microsoft Teams Contact Centre Solution” in the CX Awards 2024. Voca offers an extensive feature set, including conversational AI, analytics, omnichannel support, and intelligent call routing. This integration allows Voiceflex partners to quickly deploy and scale customer experience (CX) capabilities for Microsoft Teams users, ensuring high-quality, reliable voice services that enhance productivity and collaboration.

Moreover, it enables the seamless routing of numbers within Voiceflex’s network to both PBX systems and Microsoft Teams agents, providing businesses with added flexibility. This centralised solution allows businesses to leverage the full potential of Microsoft Teams alongside existing communication infrastructures.

AudioCodes’ Live Platform & Voca solutions bring a new dimension to Voiceflex’s offerings. James Arnold-Roberts commented, “We’ve been delivering SIP services for nearly 20 years; now we need to ride the next wave and take the business from Telco to a Techno business. Our collaboration with AudioCodes represents a significant milestone in our journey to be the most innovative voice enablement partner in the channel. We’re excited about the possibilities this partnership brings to Voiceflex and our valued partner community to unlock new opportunities and deliver superior communication solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses.”

Andy MacDonald, UK & Ireland Country Manager at AudioCodes, added, “AudioCodes is delighted to be working closely with Voiceflex, it’s a collaboration that combines Voiceflex’s commitment to innovation and quality of service, with AudioCodes expertise in Microsoft Teams and Conversational AI. Voiceflex’s customers will quickly realise the tangible benefits of integrating their existing infrastructure with Teams to improve both their employee and customer experience.”

Looking ahead, with Microsoft Teams poised to continue as the dominant enterprise collaboration platform of the future and with a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, the collaboration sets new benchmarks for excellence in the industry and will empower businesses to enter the Teams arena and embrace the future of communication with confidence and efficiency.

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Visit AudioCodes at https://www.audiocodes.com/