Verint and Tango Networks Partner to Enable Mobile Customer Service Workers

PRESS RELEASE: Verint® and Tango Networks announced that organizations can use their solutions together to address the gap in managing the business communications occurring through mobile devices each day, as well as concerns that customer service organizations have about the security of those interactions. This is particularly useful for companies in the cable or insurance industries, and those with a focus on financial trading and compliance regulations.

The level of unmanaged customer communications is increasing as employees expand their use of mobile devices in the workplace. While this provides more flexibility to workers, it can leave companies exposed with an inability to effectively apply traditional best practices for quality during customer interactions and adhere to risk and compliance requirements.

Tango Networks can seamlessly connect employees’ mobile devices, which are used in customer interactions and serve as an extension to the company’s PBX or unified communications platform—and help connect the Verint Customer Engagement Optimization™ solutions to the rising mobile workforce. This translates into the ability to help deliver the mobile phone capabilities organizations seek without compromising quality or compliance. Additionally, it helps make employee mobile devices an integral component of a contact center’s communication platform and creates a more consistent approach to managing overall service efforts.

“The combination of Tango Networks’ innovative mobile technology with Verint’s position as a global leader in customer and employee engagement, workforce optimization, and compliance solutions can help corporations simply and securely mobilize their business communications,” says Andrew Silver, CTO and co-founder, Tango Networks. “Now, organizations can feel confident about extending their mobile capabilities to employees without compromising quality and compliance.”

“The integration with Tango Networks helps proactively address the needs of the changing workforce by extending the benefits of customer and employee engagement and workforce optimization to mobile devices,” adds Nancy Treaster, SVP and general manager, strategic operations, Verint. “Doing so, helps hold customer interactions over mobile communication channels to quality and compliance standards, and supports organizations in adhering to regulatory requirements that drive the need for voice and text interaction recording.”