Tech Mahindra Selects Jacada’s Digital Self-Serve Technology to accelerate Digital Transformation

PRESS RELEASE: Tech Mahindra has selected Jacada, a leading international provider of digital customer experience technology, to accelerate the digital transformation of customer operations for clients across industries. Jacada’s digital customer experience technology helps in simplifying interactions between businesses and their customers.

Tech Mahindra offers a rich suite of business-to-business platforms that enable organizations to prepare themselves for a digital future. These platforms help in analyzing, orchestrating, automating and artificially intellectualizing the delivery of technology to enterprises. Tech Mahindra’s solutions enable the standardization and consolidation of business processes while accommodating the changing needs.

With this collaboration, both the companies are looking at providing the clients better experiences by integrating Tech Mahindra’s next-generation Digital Customer Experience Transformational Framework, CareXa, with Jacada’s patented digital self-serve platform, Jacada Interact.

Tech Mahindra’s CareXa is one of its kind modular Digital Customer Experience Transformational framework that finds natural adjacency with Jacada Interact. CareXa brings in efficiencies and benefits through unique solutions like visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Virtual Assistant, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Actionable Intelligence, which help in improving cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, reducing customer churn and improving Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 3-5 points. They also help in reducing call-handling time by 10-15% and cost of operations by 25%. NPS is a management tool, which is used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships.

CareXa also enables a seamless customer experience across all customer interactions, from acquisition to in-life management to retention/win-back, creating customer engagement and value for enterprises. CareXa Omni channel is being used by large businesses across segments such as telecom and retail, globally.

“While our clients have invested significantly to drive the digital transformation of customer operations, majority of customer interactions are still voice-based. As we continue to move forward, Omni-channel would become crucial to positively impact customer experience,” said Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Tech Mahindra. “This collaboration between CareXa and Jacada Interact is well-poised to influence customer behavior by forming sticky digital habits throughout the customer lifecycle, across all physical and voice touch-points, thereby dramatically boosting digital adoption and accelerating the transformation journeys our clients are on.”

Jacada Interact is a cross-channel digital contact hub, designed by business users to determine customer intent in real-time and dynamically pivot customers into the appropriate digital channel. This effectively handles the customer intent at the most optimal cost to serve, while boosting NPS and Customer Effort Scores. Jacada Visual IVR, one of the award-winning solutions powered by Jacada Interact, delivers a personalized mobile-ready digital customer experience to voice callers and boosts digital adoption. The resulting visual and mobile engagement not only boost self-service rates and average handling times, but also the satisfaction and loyalty scores, thereby positively impacting the bottom-line as well as the customer experience.

“Jacada’s Digital Customer Experience solutions are great enablers to the transformation initiatives, led by global consultants like Tech Mahindra,” said Guy Yair, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Jacada. “Jacada’s value-driven approach to work with Tech Mahindra on gain-share contracts demonstrating accountability, and our mature public cloud based technology platform which has been pre-integrated into CareXa are key measures of synergy, amongst other aspects of our relationship.”