Rant & Rave announces world’s first customer feedback integration with Amazon Alexa

Rant&Rave-GreyRant & Rave, the customer engagement specialists who work with half of the FTSE including Barclays, Sky and easyJet, has developed a customer feedback integration for Amazon Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. For brands using Amazon Alexa, this will transform the way customer feedback is captured, enabling consumers to tell brands what they think of a product or service in real-time.

Rant & Rave with Amazon Alexa will sit within a brand’s skill on the device, allowing customers to give real-time feedback about their experience. The integration of Rant & Rave with Amazon Alexa means customers can share feedback quickly and easily in their own words via their Amazon Alexa-enabled device, wherever it is located, be that a hotel room, retail store or airport lounge.

Customers using the feedback service will be asked to score their experience and then provide feedback in their own words. Rant & Rave’s Sentiment Engine analyses the feedback in real-time, creating actionable insights which are sent directly to the brand, presented via an online dashboard, or directly into their CRM system, connecting the customer experience insights to the customer interaction history.

Kenny Bain, CEO of Rant & Rave, says: “This is a new era for customer service and it’s powered by immersive customer engagement; speed and convenience is everything for today’s discerning consumer. As a result, brands are looking for ways in which they can interact with their customers to find out how they feel in real-time, both positively and negatively, with a minimum amount of effort from the customer.”

This is the latest technological advancement from Rant & Rave and is an extension of the company’s existing offering, which enables consumers to share their feedback with brands in the moment and with ease.

Brands across the widest set of industry sectors, including hospitality, travel and tourism, retail, social housing and government, know the importance of listening and acting on their customer feedback and are already innovating with Amazon Alexa. For brands, this means customers voicing their feedback to Amazon Alexa, as they would to a friend or family member, providing valuable insight that can be acted upon. If they have just received first-class service from an airline or are impressed by the luxury of their hotel room, consumers can tell the brand in the moment.

Bain continues: “With this innovative solution, we are providing brands with an opportunity to show that they care what their customers think, that they are listening, and that they want to act upon their feedback.

“At Rant & Rave, we believe we are living in the Age of Emotion. Consumers are emotionally involved with brands throughout their entire experience, even if it’s only through a ‘like’ or a ‘share’. In order to capture the true emotion of customers, brands need to be engaging with them in those key moments; when they’re pleased, excited, disappointed, angry – it’s all vital feedback that they need, and want, to receive in order to analyse insights and make improvements.”