Confirmit Delivers Unprecedented Insights through Text Analytics Innovation

PRESS RELEASE: Confirmit has launched the latest evolution of its software suite which makes it easier than ever for organisations to drill down to insights within unstructured feedback using ground-breaking text analytics techniques.

As part of the upgrade to Version 22 of the solution, the latest additions to Confirmit Horizons incorporate updates to Confirmit Genius Text Analytics, enabling companies running VoC and MR programmes to easily extract more meaningful insights from text responses. A new Model Builder module within Confirmit Genius empowers businesses to quickly and easily maintain their own categorisation models to ensure that correct customer comments are captured and actioned. Model Builder guides the user through topic discovery, hierarchical model definition, and quality testing with a class-leading user experience that sets it apart from other text analytics solutions.

Users can also now quickly configure reports to show text analytics results, allowing drill down into the categorisation model and sentiment analysis to not only uncover a wealth of new insights, but also to ensure they can adapt their models to their evolving business needs.

“Our company culture is orientated around the customer – their feedback and the operational metrics associated with that experience,” explains Steve Carroll, VP Customer Insights, LexisNexis. “A critical component of this is Confirmit Horizons – it enables us to drive personalised views of the customer experience to all 10,000 employees, surface emerging issues from the comments customers make in their feedback (via Confirmit Genius Text Analytics), and immediately resolve any issues via a system of closed-loop feedback.”

Further additions to Confirmit Horizons Version 22, include:

• The launch of Confirmit AskMe, a mobile survey app that allows participants to respond to surveys wherever and whenever it suits them, and to provide responses via video and audio capture to maximise response rates
• Delivery of Confirmit Survey Designer, an intuitive and ground-breaking module that removes the complexity of advanced survey creation and enables questionnaires to be created in half the time of many competing solutions
• Enhancements to Confirmit CRM Connect for Salesforce, delivering seamless two-way integration with Salesforce, either through Salesforce App Exchange or through Confirmit Horizons
• The addition of a wide variety of new CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) features to streamline operations, such as enhanced filtering features, easier blacklist handling, powerful response reviewer capabilities for supervisors, easily configurable quotas, and more
• Language Localisation for Action Management, enabling the user interface to be made available in the language of each user’s choice and enabling seamless global participation in Action Management programmes.

“The latest innovations in Confirmit Horizons are a direct result of our close work with clients to ensure we deliver the solutions they need to uncover new insights, analyse them, and take immediate action,” explains Terry Lawlor, EVP Product Management, Confirmit. “In particular, we have developed the new Model Builder feature in Confirmit Genius to give businesses the power to run their own programmes, bringing a level of control and flexibility that has never been available with text analytics before.”