Voxbone Announces Strategic Partnership with CafeX to Extend Reach of Chime™ Product

CafeX launched its video conferencing solution, CafeX Chime™, at Enterprise Connect 2016 and went on to win awards for its innovative approach to making enterprise collaboration simpler and less expensive. To continue to push the capabilities and reach of Chime, CafeX is announcing a partnership with Voxbone at Enterprise Connect 2017.

Chime makes video conferencing pervasive and accessible to everyone everywhere on the web and mobile devices. Users can join online meetings in one click from any browser with nothing to download or install. However, in some cases web connectivity can be a barrier. For those who are on the road, have an unreliable connection or simply no access to the internet, Voxbone adds simple and affordable PSTN conferencing capabilities from all over the world, enabling people to call into Chime meetings using its global voice network.

The partnership features joint software integration between Chime and VoxConf, a part of Voxbone’s Workshop program designed to extend and enhance existing conferencing solutions. CafeX incorporates VoxConf’s API (application program interface) within Chime’s enterprise product and justchimein.com, CafeX’s free, publicly available cloud service.

As a part of the partnership, VoxConf brings a simplified, on–demand and global communications platform with affordable access to local dial-in numbers in more than 60 countries. The combined solution allows globally distributed teams to connect, chat, present and share screens more easily, whether it’s from work, home or public networks, as Chime securely traverses firewalls and is compatible with popular conferencing systems.

“CafeX is excited to work with Voxbone to broaden Chime’s global reach. With Voxbone and CafeX, customers now have a one-click PSTN conferencing solution to complement Chime’s secure one-click collaboration in browsers and mobiles,” says Kris Hopkins, Chief Product Officer at CafeX. Our global enterprise customers know that frictionless collaboration is a necessity. Voxbone and CafeX are making that happen in Chime and on justchimein.com”