Contact centres need a brand new approach when it comes to customer service

PRESS RELEASE: As luxury brands set the pace in the customer retention stakes in 2017 by focusing on combining traditional service values with the latest digital customer service techniques, Aquarium Software says software can help contact centres achieve a similar end goal.

Working at the top end of the market with high value products, premium brands recognise the value of old fashioned customer service – face to face in a retail environment, for example, but have also embraced modern communication channels to enhance a customer journey which is constantly evolving.

Burberry is reported to be partnering with Pinterest to create a customised beauty experience for customers, while Ralph Lauren and Bergdorf Goodman have focused on the online customer experience. Aquarium says contact centres don’t need to pay a premium to implement similar initiatives.

“Luxury brands have long recognised that customer service is the key to customer loyalty and the good news is it doesn’t have to cost the earth for contact centres to replicate their success in customer retention with intuitive software,” said Ed Shropshire, Managing Director of Aquarium Software. “Modern technology can now dynamically determine the next actions required to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This is important because it costs at least five times more to get a new customer, than keep an existing one. Getting existing customers to engage with your brand can indirectly and directly boost profits – by creating brand evangelists; increasing loyalty and average spend; and attracting new customers via positive reviews,” Ed added.

Prestige brands have been quick to recognise the power of online and social media communication, and the latest software means contact centres too can integrate all forms of communication into one universal view of the customer. A phone call remains important, but with increasing use of social media, a joined up response demonstrates genuine interest in the customer through a willingness to understand their varied communications styles and to engage with their preferred means of communication.

A YouGov survey commissioned by Aquarium Software revealed that being called by people ‘cold’, (77%) and at unsociable hours (64%), are the most annoying traits of some contact centres. By having the right technology in place, with a unique approach to customer engagement, contact centres can eradicate many of these issues and change perceptions positively.

“Offering bespoke responses to customer queries can seem a chore, but technology that makes it easy for customers to do business with you, increases retention and profit without causing any disruption to your business or inconvenience to your call centre operatives,” said Ed. “A holistic approach to contact, with seamless integration between all touch points, be it Facebook or phone, text or twitter, is increasingly what customers will expect and they will switch off if you fall short of the mark.”