VoiceBase to Extend its Cloud Contact Center Reach Through Support of Amazon Connect

PRESS RELEASE: VoiceBase, a leading provider of speech analytics for the cloud announced its support for Amazon Connect a new cloud-based contact center service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Based on Amazon’s customer service system, Amazon Connect efficiently helps any size business to set up and manage its own customer contact center.

Through its integration with Amazon Connect, VoiceBase makes it easy for AWS customers to surface insights from spoken information allowing them to make better business decisions. The integration automatically sends call recordings to VoiceBase for transcription and analytics, with the output delivered to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Kinesis, or Hadoop for processing, and to Amazon QuickSight, Qlik, or Tableau, for reporting.

The VoiceBase API provides a powerful suite of features that starts with highly accurate transcription and includes keyword and phrase spotting and predictive analytics. Together, these services power many sought after enterprise use cases such as compliance, agent monitoring, voice of the customer and sales coaching.

“We are very excited to have access to the broad customer reach available through the Amazon Partner Network (APN), and now even more as a result of our integration with Amazon Connect,” said Walter Bachtiger, Founder and CEO of VoiceBase. “AWS provides the ideal framework for VoiceBase to layer on its speech analytics services and ultimately make them easy to consume by the enterprise,” continued Bachtiger.