Yapı Kredi Drives Improved Customer Service and Greater Operational Efficiency with NICE Analytics

PRESS RELEASE: NICE announced that Yapı Kredi, one of the largest banks in Turkey, reported rapid and measurable results from a customer insight initiative over the course of 2016. The financial institution credits NICE analytics and quality management solutions with driving this success, including doubling the effectiveness of interaction evaluations and improving customer satisfaction with Yapı Kredi’s contact center service.

Yapı Kredi has 936 branches, with 12.9 million active customers and one of the largest credit card programs in Europe. This customer base generates over 87 million call center interactions annually, handled by approximately 1,500 agents at three locations.

Yapı Kredi selected the NICE solutions to create closer alignment between their frontline activities and overall business goals. With the help of a highly experienced team from NICE’s local partner 3D, Yapı Kredi implemented NICE’s Omni-channel Recording, Quality Management and Interaction Analytics solutions, and has already achieved positive results, including:

  • An estimated 1 million fewer customer calls in 2016 alone
    Improved operational efficiency across all teams and departments, using dashboards customized for each user type
  • Evaluations of more than twice as many customer interactions in any given period, as calls that need attention are automatically alerted to team leaders. This increased not only the speed of evaluations, but also their effectiveness
  • Regular monitoring of agents and processes, in order to continuously provide feedback to all call center teams. The analytics-driven insights focus and shape training, recruiting, monitoring, coaching and workforce management
  • Two targeted coaching sessions per month, instead of one, as a direct result of time-saving automated call analytics
  • Identification of best practices for the most common service scenarios and processes, improving the customer experience
    Reduced customer attrition, by correctly identifying at-risk customers and immediately addressing their issues

Vedat Sencer Sözer, Vice President, Yapı Kredi commented: “The NICE solutions have quite simply transformed the way we do business. We are now focused more on agent development, with a much clearer picture of our customer interactions, giving us the insight we need to make informed decisions in our daily operations. This maximization of agent effectiveness translates directly into a great customer experience, as well as more effective guidance for our marketing and operation teams.”

John O’Hara, president, NICE EMEA, said: “We are very pleased to have been instrumental in Yapı Kredi’s success in reinventing their customer service in 2016. The bank has been very effective in leveraging the improved visibility, deeper insights and quality control provided by NICE solutions to drive process changes, improve agent performance, and increase customer satisfaction. We look forward to continued collaboration in 2017.”