TeleWare & Team Venti tie up in Skype for Business compliance solution

TeleWare announced that it has signed a new partnership with Team Venti, extending TeleWare’s partnering for growth philosophy into North America and beyond. The two specialist Microsoft Cloud partners have delivered a compliance solution that offers the ultimate one-stop compliance recording and analytics services for firms using Skype for Business.

Charlie Ramirez, Team Venti’s Managing Partner at the US based hosting and systems integrator explains, “We have been hosting Skype for Business unified communications for over five years, including premium enterprise voice seamlessly integrated with Office 365. Working with TeleWare has now enabled us to deliver a fully-featured hosted unified communications compliance solution for our clients in North America.”

TeleWare was selected by Team Venti for its robust cloud offering for communications recording. TeleWare’s Skype for Business route, record and analysis tools integrate seamlessly into Microsoft Azure, allowing Team Venti to offer mid-sized enterprises a quick to deploy, ready to go solution.

Ramirez continued, “Clients go live within a matter of days, which is a very powerful proposition. Previously it was always a bit of a project to get Skype call recording set up in addition to long and complex provisioning requirements. By offering the call recording as part of an integrated hosted solution, we are able to offer enterprise level solutions to much smaller organisations. We just turn them on. The huge benefits to customers include flexibility, scalability, ease of use and speed. We believe we are the only provider in the market to offer this.”

The solution is already proving popular, with a number of live customers on-board within the first month of launch. The first clients, which included organisations in healthcare and IT industries, were looking for recording solutions that enabled them to comply with industry regulations, as well as provide quality assurance and team training.

The small and mid-sized enterprise service can then easily scale as businesses grow, enabling more sophisticated clients in highly regulated markets, such as financial services, an enhanced solution.

Given the solution is cloud based, the teams are able to deploy anywhere in the world. All the hosting is then held centrally back in Texas at Team Venti’s headquarters.

Steve Haworth, CEO of TeleWare added, “For Team Venti, the challenge was to find an easy to deploy solution that was fully compatible with Skype for Business. A solution that was easy to use, fully scalable, had a user friendly interface and was highly affordable. TeleWare ticked all the boxes.”

Team Venti makes perfect Microsoft-centric US partner

Team Venti’s drive is to leverage Microsoft’s substantial investments in cloud computing, allowing its clients to move IT spending away from cost centres (hardware and software infrastructure, legacy applications, old phone/PBX systems) and towards agile cloud-based systems that help organisations increase sales, offer better customer service, and support ever-changing business requirements at lightning speed.

Team Venti is a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner organisation, created in 2007 by Microsoft alumni and partners in Austin, Texas. Within a year of creating the firm, it joined Microsoft’s first ever cloud programme as an Alpha Partner, making it one of the first partners worldwide to work with this new platform.

Ramirez explains why world class partners are central to Team Venti’s growth plans, “Being one of the first partners to offer the Microsoft Cloud helped us immediately expand our geographic boundaries beyond our home base of Austin, Texas. This allows us to serve new clients everywhere, from Honolulu to New York and, indeed,internationally. By leveraging new technologies such as Skype for Business and proprietary cloud-based service delivery models, the Microsoft Cloud helped us reduce our travel and operating costs as well as reduce response times for customer requests. In the end helping us grow our business value and maximising our own asset utilisation. We are now on the lookout for the most exciting first movers worldwide to extend our offer. Companies such as TeleWare.”

Team Venti and TeleWare together have launched a new cloud-based enhancement for Skype for Business. The only solution that incorporates compliant voice recording with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and enterprise class voicemail. The enhancement will capture and analyse call data, helping users to gain a deeper insight into their business. The result is improved employee engagement, businesses agility, process efficiency and customer satisfaction.

TeleWare’s Haworth, said “We developed this solution in response to the fact there are some limitations with the ‘off the shelf’ offering for regulated markets. A number of existing customers have come to us looking for a recording solution that they can use within their Skype for Business interface. This offering allows businesses to integrate additional functions to enhance the core product. All calls and Instant Messages on Skype for Business are driven through Azure, providing greater platform stability and security. This is perfect for all businesses, but is particularly appealing to firms in regulated markets. It is integrated into the existing network infrastructure and requires little up-front investment, making it an easy and cost-effective solution to deploy.

He went on to say, “The real value of this enhancement is through the analysis of the call data captured. This business insight is translated into valuable information that can be used for anything from Dodd Frank regulatory requirements in Financial Services through to improved training to provide a better customer experience which ultimately, improves productivity, increases revenue and lowers costs.”