Thalasia starts the digital transformation of its services with Vodafone

Thalasia, hotel and seaside resort, has started a digital transformation process with Vodafone that will allow it to provide a more efficient and personalized service to its customers. Thalasia is a modern and innovative thalassotherapy spa with solutions based on the power of the sea water, its needs for recovery of health, relaxation and body care.

The company has implemented different digital solutions to streamline the management of hotel reservations, offer a better personalized service to customers, differentiating themselves from the competition and optimizing the management of their customer service. In the hotel sector the need to be in the digital world is even more essential than in others, since in a hotel like Thalasia, more than 80% of the hiring takes place in a digital world.

The Vodafone Cloud Contact Center solution allows you to have a detailed report of your clients based on your experience at the center: your tastes, possible complaints, suggestions or the way in which you make reservations, so that the hotel can give you a Best service on your next visit. Cloud Contact Center makes it possible to better coordinate the resources and facilitate the work of the agents that answer the calls that have all the history of their clients at the same moment in which they contact them.

On the other hand, the One Net product for hotels digitizes the day to day of the cleaning and maintenance staff and facilitates the daily reporting of their tasks, optimizing the time dedicated to these jobs. The possibility of managing your resources in real time speeds up the availability of rooms.

In addition, Thalasia has also implemented Vodafone’s Digital Signage in its facilities, which allows its customers to see the daily offer of their services. The Digital Signage is managed through a Cloud system that makes it possible to have a series of repositories or multimedia content adapted to each profile of each client. Thus, you can transmit products or services that the hotel offers to improve your stay.

Thanks to the implementation of these Vodafone solutions, Hotel Thalasia has become a benchmark in the tourism sector, establishing a better segmentation strategy and with continuous personalization at the customer’s service.

“The Digital Solutions of Vodafone have allowed us to bring to the maximum expression one of the fundamental strategies of Thalasia: the personalization of the service. In addition, they have helped us to adapt to a new digital environment that in our sector is of vital importance, “says José Catalá, CEO of Thalasia.

Andrés Vicente, general director of the Vodafone Business Unit, adds: “The digitization of hotels is key to the revitalization of one of the most important sectors of our economy. Thalasia needed a partner to accompany them throughout the digital transformation process and assume the guarantees of applying the latest technologies in the best possible way. We are proud to have helped them position themselves as a benchmark in the tourism sector. “