SAP announces acquisition of Abakus

Abakus is pleased to announce its acquisition by SAP, the fastest growing enterprise cloud company. The combination of Abakus with SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, which includes customer profiling and responsive journey management, will allow brands to optimize marketing performance and understand customer interactions across all devices.

SAP Hybris Marketing helps brands understand customer intent, and deliver contextual marketing and great customer experiences. Integrated predictive analytics provides the data to understand and automate marketing opportunities. Using Abakus, both CMOs and CFOs will benefit by understanding the true incremental value of marketing on business outcomes.

“We are delighted to join the global SAP family and look forward to integrating Abakus with SAP Hybris Marketing,” said Alex Saldanha, CEO and co-founder, Abakus. “The acquisition is a result of the alignment of our two companies’ visions to solve for customer centric marketing performance through real-time software. We look forward to delivering even greater value to Abakus and SAP customers through this merger.”

With the integration of Abakus, customers will benefit from an end-to-end marketing cloud solution that

  • Reduces complexity by integrating data from multiple sources into a single unified view of the customer across disparate systems;
  • Simplifies marketing through automation of planning, personalization and optimization; and,
    Provides trusted measurement by using advanced analytics attribution to show what is driving sales.
  • Abakus’ patented game theory – based attribution technology supports forecasting for budget planning and optimization. By connecting the back office with the front office, brands can better understand and predict their customers’ behavior, and deliver great contextual customer experiences.

“Our goal is to offer the first omni-channel customer engagement solution on the market that helps our customers drive contextual experiences that lead to measureable business value,” said Brian Walker, chief strategy officer, SAP Hybris. “Marketers need a trusted solution to understand what is driving sales — one based on real data, not ad-hoc models — to ensure they are using the optimal mix of marketing channels and messages.”

Abakus software will continue to be available as a stand-alone product, and with the close of the deal it will be additionally available as integrated functionality within the SAP Hybris Marketing solution. Abakus expects the transaction to close in the first quarter of 2017.