Avaya A.I.Connect Initiative Evolves with New Members

Avaya announced the A.I.Connect initiative has expanded with three new partners. Salesforce, eGain and Sabio are among the first companies offering or integrating third party artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for this initiative, a growing Avaya ecosystem of companies collaborating on the use of AI and machine learning technologies in enterprise communications.

The Avaya A.I.Connect initiative announces the following three new members:

Salesforce Einstein – Adding its weight to the program’s predictive analytics category, Salesforce’s Einstein, the first comprehensive AI for CRM, automatically discovers relevant insights, predicts future behavior, proactively recommends best next actions and even automates tasks. Examples include analysing past and current customer experiences, sentiment analysis, and an array of contextual cues to create a better self-service environment where omnichannel routing is optimised, agent knowledge is augmented, and interaction insights are harnessed to enhance workflow quality and effectiveness.

eGain – An existing DevConnect SPP partner, eGain delivers AI-enabled knowledge management solutions that further agent augmentation and enhanced self-service capabilities, regardless of channels. The integration of eGain knowledge management into Avaya Oceana can assist and guide agents during conversation with the customers, or provide responses directly to customers through virtual assistants in self-service applications.

Sabio – Headquartered in the UK with operations across Europe and APAC, Sabio helps organisations use technology to enable brilliant customer experiences across digital and the contact centre. Sabio has delivered a number of AI-enabled solutions for Avaya customers and has been recognised by Opus Research as a top 5 global integrator for virtual assistant solutions. The company has also delivered integrated solutions that use machine learning to profile customers on digital channels and determine buying predictors, allowing contact centers to optimise voice interactions and call deflection to self-service channels for higher upsell completion rates.

“Avaya has a long background in artificial intelligence technologies to support the customer experience and provide service to our own customers. As new AI solutions come to market from companies like Salesforce, eGain, Sabio and others we’ve announced, our A.I.Connect initiative will work to bring them together so there’s less effort on the part of the customer and more efficiency in delivering a explore how we can bring them together in exciting, innovative ways.” Eric Rossman, vice president, Alliances and Partnerships, Avaya

“While AI bots can add value to omnichannel customer interactions and personal assistants may help with some unified communications functions, a more comprehensive, deeper cognitive approach using AI is already beginning to have significant financial and performance impact in customer engagement settings. These solutions optimise contact centre performance for the entire business, and they can enable tighter integration with marketing, line of business, and big data initiatives. In many cases, multiple AI technologies will need to be used in order to effect the real change in the customer experience organisations are striving to deliver to their customers and prospects.” Brent Kelly, Ph.D, president & principal analyst, KelCor, Inc.

About A.I. Connect

A.I. Connect is a consortium of companies dedicated to supporting and promoting the interoperability and value of artificial intelligence and machine learning within enterprise communications. Established by Avaya in 2017, the initiative creates a community of technology firms who can collaborate on creating the broadest set of technology options of AI capabilities for Avaya customers worldwide to deliver more engaging experiences to their own end customers. More information on A.I.Connect can be found at www.avaya.com/aiconnect