Leading Hotel Brand increases Self-Service containment by 60% across more than 10 Million Customer Interactions Annually with Verint Bots

Verint® announced that a major multinational hotel brand is using the advanced conversational AI capabilities of the Verint Open Platform.

The hotel is deploying Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) across more than 10 million digital and voice guest interactions annually.

Verint IVA makes it easy for hotel guests to change their travel plans, make reservations and solve issues through personalized conversations with Verint bots. Verint IVA also seamlessly transitions guests to live agents when needed, passing along all relevant context from the bot conversation to better connect self-service and assisted-service customer experiences.

“Verint IVA delivers significant AI business outcomes by increasing the number of customer interactions that can be fully contained by the Verint AI-powered bot and also delivering high customer satisfaction,” says Verint’s Heather Richards, vice president, go-to-market. “The hotel brand has reported that Verint IVA not only generated significant cost savings from a 60 percent increase in containment, but also elevated the customer experience and drove increased customer loyalty.”

Verint IVA includes multiple AI-powered bots working together to achieve industry leading self-service containment rates and high impacts on AI business outcomes. These bots are part of a large team of AI-powered bots available within the Verint Open Platform.

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