Verint Coaching Bot helps contact centre agents increase sales by 48%

Verint® announced that a multinational bank is using the Verint Coaching Bot to help contact centre agents improve up-sell close rates.

The bank looked to improve revenue generation from their contact centre agents. Through real-time guidance from the Verint Coaching Bot, agents more consistently delivered the right up-sell offer at the right time, which improved sales close rates. As a result of deploying the Verint Coaching Bot, the bank reported a 48 percent increase in contact centres sales over a two-month period.

“More and more brands are using AI-powered bots to increase agent capacity and provide opportunities for contact centre agents to generate revenue. Today, Verint AI-powered bots can guide contact centre representatives to become more effective sales agents,” says Verint’s Daniel Ziv, vice president, go-to-market. “The Verint Coaching Bot delivers tangible AI business outcomes by guiding agents to introduce the ideal up-sell offer based on the customer’s profile. This real-time coaching capability improves up-sell close rates and can drive millions of dollars of increased sales through the contact centre.”

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