Zappix Inc. Partners with Synergy Organisational Solutions as Part of a Global Expansion

A leader in the emerging Visual IVR industry focused on enhancing customer service and reducing costs at the contact center, Zappix Inc. has announced a partnership with Synergy Organisational Solutions of the UK, a part of the Zappix global growth plan. The partnership aims to grow awareness around Visual IVR technology and the benefits the platform offers to businesses.

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Together, Zappix and its partners plan to provide enterprises the assistance they need to fully understand and properly implement productive Visual IVR solutions.

“These partnerships open many exciting opportunities for Zappix around the world,” said Zappix President, Yossi Abraham. “Our partners handle contact center solutions for some of the world’s best enterprises. Our platform will enhance the services they offer these organizations and result in impressive ROI for their clients. We are looking forward to working closely with Synergy and to growing business in the UK, combining Synergy’s knowledge of the local market with Zappix cloud-based self-service technology.”

Synergy, a specialist in providing Digital Customer Care, and Zappix hope to enhance the offerings available to the UK’s 6,225 contact centers. The current contact center industries in the UK and beyond stand to benefit greatly from implementing Zappix Visual IVR platforms. The local expertise and experience of organizations like Synergy Organisational Solutions combined with Zappix digital self-service virtual web-app technology will prove to be an impressive combination.

“I am excited to partner with Zappix and offer innovations in technology to our clients. Zappix Visual IVR platforms will help our clients and contact centers across the UK reduce calls to live agents, lower costs, and enhance the customer experience.” Olu Orugboh, Managing Director, Synergy Organisational Solutions.

About Zappix:

Zappix’s cloud-based Visual IVR provides enterprises with a solution designed to improve the user journey during contact center interactions through mobile web-app functionality and digital self-service capabilities without the need to download a native app or connect to a live agent.

The Zappix Visual IVR suite provides significant benefits and ROI: reducing costs by increasing containment rates for contact centers, improving customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS), and creating new revenue opportunities using targeted promotional banners within the web-app to advance new offerings.

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