ESW Capital Announces Acquisition of ResponseTek

ESW Capital announced that it has acquired ResponseTek, the leader in enterprise customer experience management (CEM) software solutions. World market leaders in finance, telecommunications and retail – including 40 leading telcos and Bloomberg’s top ranked bank – trust ResponseTek to drive millions of customer interactions every week.

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Founded in 1999, ResponseTek is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and operates in over 30 countries throughout North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

The ResponseTek Listening Platform™ integrates customer experience data and reporting throughout the entire organization to improve customer satisfaction. More than 90 percent of the ResponseTek client base has grown their CEM implementations into multi-channel solutions, achieving results that include:

  • Average Net Promoter Score lift of 6.5 points within the first year
  • Annual churn reduction between 1 and 5 percent
  • Feedback response rates of up to 48%
  • 20 times more feedback than traditional survey methods
  • Customer Satisfaction Score improvements of up to 25%

ResponseTek joins ESW Capital’s corporate family of more than 75 enterprise software companies, which has a global presence in over 45 countries. Distinguishing itself in the software industry by being value driven and achieving its customers’ strategic business goals, ESW Capital will implement with ResponseTek customers its Customer Success program, a proven method for aligning product development with customers’ goals.

Kyle Ford, ESW Capital executive with more than twenty years of experience managing global companies for growth and profitability, has been appointed CEO of ResponseTek.

“We are delighted to welcome ResponseTek to the ESW Capital family,” said Ford. “The ResponseTek philosophy and operation align with the Customer Success program — achieving its goals when the CEM program delivers business results to clients. The company’s focus on creating long-lasting relationships is reflected in its 93% client retention rate, and we are honored to have the opportunity to build upon this outstanding reputation.”